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Pre-seasoned cast-iron dutch oven with multi-functional lid is perfect for both outdoor and indoor cooking

If you love cooking over a campfire, the Lodge L12DCO3 Deep Camp dutch oven as designed for you. Using just the oven and lid, you can cook just about everything whether you’re outside or inside using a stovetop and oven. It’s made from durable cast-iron, which is known for its ability to retain heat. That cast-iron is even pre-seasoned so you can start using the L12DC03 as soon as it arrives.

Cast-iron, 8-quart dutch oven with multiple uses

Cast-iron is one of the best materials for dutch ovens. Because of how well it heats up and also retains that heat, you can use the oven for searing, baking, roasting, and frying. Without this oven, you’d have to use a variety of cookware to get the same results, and they wouldn’t all be cooked as evenly as with the L12DC03. 8 quarts is a pretty big oven size – you can make 32 cups of soup – but if you need an even larger model, there is a 10-quart version.

Multi-functional lid

The lid does so much more than just keep the oven covered. It has a special “flanged” design so you can put coals on top of it to use the dutch oven for baking and roasting, and when you turn the lid upside down, it works as a griddle. You could make pancakes one morning out in the woods, and then bake bread in the evening.


Seasoning cast-iron is very important. It helps prevent rust and creates a natural, nonstick surface. The L12DC03 comes pre-seasoned, so you don’t have to do anything. The process occurs when oil is baked right into the iron when the dutch oven is being made, and continues whenever you use the oven with oil.


Ideal for camping

The Lodge L12DCO3 Deep Camp dutch oven was designed especially for campers. It has a heavy-gauge wire bale so you can literally hang the oven over your campfire like cowboys did back in the old days. If you’re using coals, just place the oven on top using the three legs that are designed to space the cast-iron perfectly over the heat, so everything cooks evenly.

Can be used outdoors or indoors

Though it was clearly intended for campfire use, you can use the dutch oven inside, too. The skillet lid is compatible with every type of stove top, including induction, and you can use the whole dutch oven in the oven at home and on the grill.


The oil used for pre-seasoning is completely natural. Instead of using synthetic methods to create a nonstick surface, Lodge uses a special vegetable oil recycler so any oil that isn’t used has a new purpose as biodiesel. Even the sand used in the construction process is recycled. You can be confident that when you choose this dutch oven, you’re making a green choice.


Requires very specific maintenance

Cast-iron is picky when it comes to maintenance. You can’t use soap or put it in the dishwasher, and you have to be careful to not use metal utensils that scratch the surface. You will also have to re-season the oven at some point in addition to regularly using a little oil before every use. This can seem like a lot, but once you know what to do (and what not to do), it’s all pretty self-explanatory.

Very heavy

The Lodge L12DCO3 is really heavy. It’s about 20 pounds, which can be very dangerous if the oven is also filled with something hot. Be very careful when you’re moving it around, and always use oven mitts.

Overall Review

The Lodge L12DCO3 Deep Camp 8-Quart dutch oven is an incredibly versatile piece of cookware perfect for both outdoor and indoor cooking. Even the lid serves multiple purposes as a house for coals and a skillet. As a cast-iron oven, you do need to take proper care of it, but because cast-iron is so good at heat distribution and retention, and is exceptionally durable, any maintenance is well-worth the effort.