Lodge L8DD3 5-Quart
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Affordable, old-school 5-quart Double Dutch oven that’s pre-seasoned and serves multiple functions

The Lodge L8DD3 is a traditional double dutch oven that comes at a pretty cheap price, so cooks on a budget can enjoy all the dishes this oven can make. It can be used anywhere from an indoor oven to a campfire, and makes dishes like slow-roasted chicken and fruit cobblers. Its construction is particularly impressive and is made from pre-seasoned cast-iron.

5-quart with multiple functions

At 5 quarts, you can make up to 20 cups of soup or 3 pounds of beef tenderloin. In addition to that 5-quart body, you can use the domed lid as a skillet for eggs, bacon, and more. It’s about 1 ½-inch deep for this purpose. As the name suggests, it’s also an ideal vehicle for casseroles.

For stovetop, oven, grill, and campfire use

You can use this double dutch oven anywhere. It works with gas, electric, ceramic-glass, and induction top stoves and ovens. You can also use it on the grill or over a coal fire when you’re camping. That skillet feature really comes in handy when you’re camping and don’t want to bring a bunch of cookware with you.


One of the coolest features of this Lodge oven is that it comes pre-seasoned. Seasoned cast iron is when oil is baked right into the iron to create rust-resistance and a nonstick surface. Lodge L8DD3 uses a soy-based oil for its seasoning. This baked-in oil eventually needs to be re-seasoned, which is part of the required maintenance of owning this kind of oven. It will be discussed later in the “Weaknesses” section of this review.


Sturdy handling

The Lodge L8DD3 dutch oven is very sturdy and designed so you always get a firm grip on it. Dutch ovens are heavy and can get very hot, so feeling secure is very important. It has side handles on both the base and lid, so whether you’re using the lid as a separate skillet, a covered dutch oven, or just the base, you have something to grab unto.

Superior construction

The Lodge’s construction is one of the best. Because it’s made of cast iron, it’s one of only two metals that can work with induction stovetops, and it provides more even, consistent heat for your dishes.

Excellent heat retention

The heat on the Lodge is not only consistent, but it’s retained better for improved slow-cooking and when you need to keep your food in the base for a while. Cast iron holds heat longer and at a higher temperature than aluminum, so cold spots are eliminated.


Needs a lot of maintenance

Because the Lodge is pre-seasoned, you need to keep re-seasoning it as it wears off. The process isn’t difficult, but it’s just one more thing to remember. You have also have to be careful about cleaning. You can’t use the dishwasher or even just soap, because the soap eats away the oil that makes up that cast-iron seasoning.

Overall Review

For an old-school dutch oven that can be used virtually anywhere both indoors and outdoors, the Lodge L8DD3 5-Quart Double Dutch Oven and Casserole is remarkably affordable. You do have take care of it a little more carefully, but keeping the cast-iron seasoned results in better food and easier cleaning, so it’s worth it. The Lodge retains heat more evenly and for more time, so all your dishes will be cooked well and will stay warm.