Iron Oval 7-Quart Dutch
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Sturdy, attractive dutch oven with self-basting ridges and synthetic-free cooking surface

The Tramontina 7-Quart Dutch Oven is a very solid and attractive piece of cookware. It looks great whether you’re serving an apple crisp or enchiladas, and regardless of what you’re cooking, the self-basting ridges preserve food’s natural moisture. The dutch oven’s materials are free from synthetics like PFOA, so you don’t have to worry about food reacting with any chemicals. If you’re in the market for a sturdy, good-looking dutch oven that does its job well, the Tramontina is a great option.

7 quarts of slow, even heat

This dutch oven makes up to 7 quarts of food, including chilis, soups, meat, veggies, and more. You can also make desserts like fruit cobblers; your imagination is really the only limitation. The Tramontina has an oval design so it heats evenly, and it heats up slowly, which is ideal for slow-cooking meals like pork chops or ribs.

Self-basting condensation ridges

The secret to the Tramontina’s ability to preserve moisture is in the self-basting condensation ridges. This ridges are located around the lid of the dutch oven and work to direct vapors back into the food, so the food stays moist. You don’t have to worry about food drying out during the slow-cooking process, which is a real concern when you’re not using a dutch oven.

Stovetop and oven compatible

You can use the Tramontina on every type of stovetop and in the oven up to 450 degrees. This versatility allows you to cook everything from skillet potatoes to cakes, all in one piece of cookware.



The Tramontina dutch oven is made from enameled cast-iron, which is incredibly durable and good for retaining heat. On top of that heavy-gauge cast-iron is a porcelain enamel, which helps make cleaning easier. For lifting, the Tramontina has well-built side handles so you can feel secure when you lift the dutch oven from the oven or stovetop.

PFOA and PTFE-free

PFOA and PTFE are both synthetic materials often found in cookware. Both of these materials start emitting toxic fumes when they heat up, which can greatly affect your food. The porcelain enamel on the Tramontina is completely free of both PFOA and PTFE, so you don’t have to worry about any negative reactions.


The Tramontina 7-Quart dutch oven wasn’t just constructed for durability and functionality. It comes in two vibrant colors – cobalt and red – so you can serve right from the table with the dutch oven. The smooth porcelain surface adds a stylish yet rustic appeal to any meal.


Not dishwasher-safe

The one downside to the Tramontina is that it isn’t dishwasher-safe. You have to hand wash it. Luckily, the porcelain isn’t hard to clean, so it shouldn’t take you long to rinse and wipe down the oven after each use.

Overall Review

The Tramontina Enameled Cast Iron Covered Oval 7-Quart dutch oven is very well-built and also beautiful. It works on both a stovetop and oven, and can be taken right to the table for serving. The self-basting lid and cast-iron help create slow, even heat that doesn’t suck out any moisture, so you’re assured delicious meals every time you use the dutch oven.