Breville SK500XL Ikon
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Durable cordless electric kettle with removable scale filter and boil-dry protection

If you want a durable kettle that’s convenient, the Breville Sk500XL could be the one you’re looking for. It comes with a solid, stainless steel exterior and removable scale filter, so the water is purified of mineral deposits. The boil-dry protection feature is very useful for people who can’t watch their kettle all the time, and prevents the kettle from overboiling.

1500 watts

1500 watts is a good amount of power for this kettle. It provides fast, reliable heat that is superior to a microwave or even a stovetop. If you’re boiling one liter of water, which is enough for about four people, you can expect it to be piping hot in about four minutes.

1 ⅔-liter capacity

With a 1 ⅔-liter capacity, you can make 7 cups of tea, coffee, or just hot water for oatmeal, noodles, soup, and so on. This is a great size for a family or office where people are always needing to heat up individual cups of water in the microwave.

Removable scale filter

The water you use for tea, coffee, and food should be pure and clean-tasting. The removable scale filter in the Breville kettle prevents mineral deposits from building up in the kettle, which can give water an unpleasant, metallic flavor.


Easy to use

Using the kettle is intuitive. There is a simple on/off switch and a water indicator level, so you always know how many cups you are boiling. When the water is ready, the kettle alerts you with a bell, and serving is a breeze thanks to the cordless kettle body, which disconnects from the powered base.

Boil-dry protection

If water boils too long in a kettle, it gets really hot and eventually evaporates, so the kettle “boils dry.” This can damage the bottom of the kettle and the heating element. To protect your kettle against this, the Sk500XL has boil-dry protection, which will automatically shut off the kettle when the water reaches the boiling point.

Good construction

The exterior of the kettle is a beautiful brushed stainless steel. While there is some plastic in this kettle, which is a concern for those trying to avoid plastic contact with their drinking water, the parts of the kettle that actually touch the water are all metal.


Gets very hot

This Breville doesn’t have cool-touch housing, which can result in the outside of the kettle getting very hot. Be cautious when you’re using the kettle, especially if you have young children around who might reach up and touch the kettle without thinking.

Overall Review

The Breville SK500XL Cordless electric kettle is simple and fast. With 1500 watts and a 7-cup maximum capacity, you can boil water for a lot of people without waiting around for ten minutes or more. It’s a little on the pricey side, but it is built with sturdy stainless steel, a boil-dry auto shut-off, and scale filter, which all help with water and longevity quality.