The Crystal Kettle
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BPA-free crystal electric kettle with 1800 watts and large capacity

The Breville BKE595XL Crystal Clear electric kettle is a beautiful, BPA-free kettle with high wattage, a large water capacity, and convenient cordless serving. If you’re part of a family that uses a lot of hot water, the Breville is both big and fast. It can be also difficult to find totally BPA-free kettles, and with the high-and-fast 1800 watts on this kettle, it doesn’t come at a cheap price.

1800 watts

Most electric kettles seem to max out at about 1500 watts. This Breville BKE595XL has 1800 watts, which means exceptionally fast boiling. 1500 watts can heat up 1 liter of water in 4 minutes, so it stands to reason that 1800 watts will shave off a few minutes off that time. When you need hot water and you’re in a hurry, this is the kind of wattage you’ll need.

7-cup capacity

If most of your family likes a hot drink around the same time r needs water for instant soup, noodles, and more, you will need the extra-large 7-cup capacity on this Breville kettle. You can prepare enough water for everyone in less than five minutes and don’t have to heat up in shifts.

German Schott glass construction

The construction on this kettle is gorgeous. It is made of German Schott glass, which is both durable and natural. There is no plastic, which means the kettle is BPA-free. Your water will be exceptionally pure and clean-tasting, and you can avoid any of the health problems often associated with living with too much plastic.



A kettle full of boiling water can be dangerous. Luckily, the lid on this kettle is designed to slowly release steam and prevent splash, so you are safe from steam and hot-water burns. To keep the kettle as cool as possible, it is equipped with boil-dry protection, which means the kettle automatically shuts off when the water reaches the boiling point.

Mesh filter

In addition to plastic, mineral deposits can cause unpleasant-tasting water as well as long-term damage to your kettle. The detachable mesh filter catches these scale deposits before they can enter your water and kettle, protecting both your drinking water and the kettle body.


Serving from the BKE595XL is very convenient. The kettle body detaches from the corded base, so you can move freely with the kettle from the kitchen to the table and back without messing with a cord.



This kettle is on the heavier side. It weighs over 4 pounds, while most electric kettles are between 1-3 pounds. However, this heaviness means it is durable, which is especially important for glass-body kettles that are more prone to breaking than metal ones.


The Breville USA Crystal electric kettle is very expensive. However, the fact that it is BPA-free and made of such high-quality material explains the cost. If you prioritize going plastic-free and durability over a lot of timer or preset features, you will be happy with this kettle despite the price.

Overall Review

The cordless Breville BKE595XL Crystal Clear electric kettle is high on watts (1800) and high on quality. It is expensive, but it is completely BPA-free thanks to the beautiful German Schott glass. It is also relatively large with a 7-cup capacity, so even a large family can all have hot water at the same time. Features like a mesh filter and boil-dry protection all work to make this kettle last as long as possible, so your money is well-spent.