Chefs Choice Cordless Electric Kettle
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Simple, but powerful cordless electric kettle with boil-dry protection

If you are looking for an easy-to-use electric kettle with power and features that make it durable, the Chef’s Choice 681 cordless electric kettle is one to consider. It offers both speed and reliability, so you can boil water for drinks in a matter of minutes over and over, without worrying about the kettle breaking down.

Speedy and powerful 1500 watts

The Chef’s Choice has 1500 watts, which means the kettle can boil four cups of water in four minutes. The concealed heating element behind this power never touches the water, so minerals don’t build up and break down the kettle. With this kind of speed, you can have tea or coffee ready much faster than if you used the microwave.

1 ¾-quart water capacity

This electric kettle holds 1 ¾-quarts of water at a time, which is enough for seven people to enjoy a cup. This allows you to boil water for your whole family in one go, instead of microwaving separate cups or trying to boil seven cups of water in a microwave, which takes forever.

Boil-dry shut-off protection

To protect your kettle and increase its lifespan, the Chef’s Choice 681 includes automatic shut-off when the water is boiling. When water boils too long in a kettle, it can start to wear down the heating element. With the auto shut-off, the kettle quits, preventing that prolonged boiling and protecting the 681.


Safety features

Using this kettle is easy and safe. It has a secure locking lid so the lid won’t accidentally pop off unexpectedly, and a cool-touch bottom to prevent burning. It also has a power-on indicator light, so you always know when the kettle is running.

Cordless convenience

Kettles with long, twisty cords can get annoying, so the Chef’s Choice kettle has a cord snugly stored in the base that you can adjust to whatever length you want. When you serve, the kettle body separates from the base.

Water gauge

Measuring the amount of water you want to heat up is easier with the water gauge included on the handle, though it has some issues that will be covered in the “Weaknesses” section below. With a gauge, you can make exactly as many cups as you want.


Gauge is hard to read

The gauge is rather difficult to read. The handle is not a super convenient spot for it, and you have to look pretty closely to read it clearly.

No preset heat functions

Unlike some other more advanced kettles, the Chef’s Choice 681 doesn’t have any preset functions for specific temperatures. Those functions can help a lot when you’re making teas that require cooler temps in order to be drinkable, so without them, you have to use a bit more experimentation and guesswork.

Overall Review

The Chef’s Choice 681 cordless electric kettle is fast, powerful, and safe. It has 1500 watts that can heat up 1 liter of water in 4 minutes, and a secure lid, cool base, and boil-dry protection. It lacks any extras like preset heating functions, but if you just want a fast way to get a rolling boil and a durable kettle that will last a while, you will be happy with this one.