Cuisinart CPK-17 Reviews
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Powerful stainless steel, cordless electric kettle with 6 preset heating settings and great time features

The Cuisinart CPK-17 electric kettle is a solidly-built, powerful kettle that offers 6 preset heat settings for fast tea, coffee, hot chocolate, soup, and more. It also has some very convenient time features like a Keep-Warm function, which makes this kettle especially versatile. This kettle is on the pricey side, but it does boast some unique features that could make it worth it.

1500 watts of power

1500 watts of power results in fast boiling. This is important when you’re busy in the morning, and don’t have time to boil much water in the microwave. If you fill the kettle all the way, the water will be hot in a little over four minutes.

1 ⅔-liter capacity

The CPK-17 PerfecTemp can hold seven cups of water, which is great if you’re using the kettle for your whole family. You don’t have to heat up cups of water separately or rely on a small kettle that only fills 2-3 cups.

6 preset heat settings

The coolest feature on the Cuisinart CPK-17 are the six preset heat settings. Different beverages require different temperatures, and the presets make it easy to make a variety of hot drinks the right way. Lower temp settings (160-degrees, 175-degrees, and 185-degrees) are for teas like green, oolong, and white, while the higher temps are best for coffees, soup, and so on.


Convenient time features

This electric kettle has two especially convenient time features: the 30-minute Keep Warm function and the 2-minute memory function. The Keep-Warm function allows you to set the kettle to keep the water at a specific temp for a half-hour. The 2-minute memory function works by maintaining the cycle if the kettle comes off the base. When you return the kettle within the 2 minutes, it contains the heating/keep warm cycle where it left off, without restarting.


The kettle isn’t truly cordless in that it has a cord and uses electricity, but the cord is located in the base, which separates from the kettle body. When you serve, the kettle is cordless and easy to carry.

Safety features

The boil-dry protection and removable scale filter both protect the life of your kettle. The scale filter cleans out minerals from the water, which can build up in the kettle and cause it to wear down. The boil-dry protection provides an auto shut-off when the water is boiling, so it doesn’t overboil or damage the heating element when the water evaporates. A beep alert will tell you when the auto shut-off is engaged.



This is a really expensive kettle. If you only boil water occasionally for tea or coffee, it probably isn’t worth it, but if you need hot water a lot for hot drinks and foods like soups, noodles, and more, this appliance is built to last and saves you a lot of time.

Overall Review

The Cuisinart CPK-17 PerfecTemp electric kettle is packed with handy features like six preset heating settings, a keep-warm function, and boil-dry protection. It has a sleek, modern cordless design for convenience, and 1500-watts of power that quickly heats up to 1.7-liters (7 cups) of water. It’s expensive, but the Cuisinart brand is known for its reliability, and this kettle will last a long time.