40870 Stainless Steel Electric Kettle
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Fast, stainless-steel electric kettle with extra-large capacity and safety features

The Hamilton Beach 40870 is a simply-designed, but powerful kettle with a large water capacity and safety features like boil-dry protection and cool handle. If you’re a person who always feels in a rush, this kettle allows you to make both drinks and meals like oatmeal and soup very quickly. This fast, durable kettle is affordable and safe for everyone in your family to use.

Fast 1500 watts

The Hamilton Beach electric kettle is perfect for busy people. It has 1500 watts, which are capable of heating up one liter of water in about 4 minutes. You can quickly make beverages like tea, instant coffee, soup, and more for a handful of people without waiting around. You can access the kettle’s power from any standard outlet.

10-cup capacity

The 40870 is bigger than some other more expensive kettles, and can heat up to 10-cups of water at once. This is great for a small office or a family who is always microwaving mugs of water, which takes a lot longer than using a powerful kettle like the Hamilton Beach.

360-degree base

The Hamilton Beach’s cord is stored conveniently at the bottom, which swivels 360-degrees. This means serving from the kettle is easy since you just lift the kettle body off the base and pour without the cord in the way.


Boil-dry protection

If you let water boil too long in a kettle, the heating element can get damaged, as well as the kettle’s inside. To guard against this, the Hamilton Beach has boil-dry protection, which means the kettle automatically shuts off when the water starts to boil. This keeps your kettle sturdy and cool.

Stay-cool handle

To protect yourself and others from the high temperature generated by the kettle, the handle is designed to be stay-cool, which means you can hold the kettle when the water is hot without worrying about burning yourself or remembering an oven mitt.

Drip-proof spout

Spilling hot water is a concern when you are pouring from a kettle. The drip-proof spout prevents accidents or leaking, which can burn you or your family. This makes the kettle safe for younger, less-sure individuals who might be more prone to causing the kettle to drip.


No preset time features

There are no preset time features on the kettle, like a Keep-Warm function or specific temperatures for drinks that require it. You have to judge for yourself or use a kitchen thermometer to gauge the right temp for delicate teas that become bitter when the water is too hot. After you’ve used the kettle for a while, you’ll be more familiar with how long the kettle takes to reach a certain temperature.

Overall Review

The Hamilton Beach is a simple, no-frills electric kettle. If you want preset time functions, you won’t be satisfied with this kettle, but if you want something basic, affordable, and fast, the 40870 stainless steel 10-cup is a great choice. The 1500 watts heat up 10 cups of water quickly, so you can make hot drinks, instant soup, and more.