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1500-watt electric kettle with cool-touch housing, 40-ounce capacity, and easy serving

With 1500 watts, the Hamilton Beach 40898 does not compromise on power. These watts work to heat up the 40-ounces water capacity quickly and efficiently, so you can prepare your favorite teas, coffees, soups, and more. The kettle rests on a swivel base, so when you serve, the kettle is cord-free and versatile. The kettle also has crucial safety features to prevent spills or burns from touching the body.

1500 watts

The 1500 watts on this kettle and rapid-boil system are ideal if you live a busy lifestyle. Instead of waiting around for water to boil on the stove or in a microwave, you can have your hot coffee, tea, or hot chocolate ready in minutes. In terms of specific speed, 1500 watts heats up about 1 liter of water in 4 minutes.

40-ounce capacity

40 ounces is about the same as 5 cups, which is a rather awkward amount. Depending on what you’re drinking and how big “a cup of coffee” is to you, this kettle could work perfectly for two people, an individual, or even a family of four.

360-degree swivel base

The kettle itself is cordless, and sits atop a 360-degree swivel base. The cord is built into the base and connects to any standard outlet. This two-piece kettle and base system makes the kettle extremely convenient to serve from, and to store.


Safety features

Safety is important when it comes to kettles. You’re dealing with extremely hot water, and could seriously injure yourself if you spilled. Features like a locking lid and drip-free pouring help make this Hamilton Beach kettle safe for frequent use.

Mineral-deposit filter

Unless you always use purified water, minerals from tap water can build up in the kettle and wear the heating element down. They can also break down the plastic content in the kettle. Additionally, minerals can affect the taste of the water. To protect the kettle and ensure a pure taste, the 40898 Cool Touch kettle has a mineral-deposit filter.

Cool construction

This kettle is made from double-walled stainless steel, so the kettle doesn’t get scalding hot on the outside. At most, it will feel warm, but it isn’t nearly hot enough to burn, so you and your family can brush up against the kettle and stay safe.



The drip-free pouring on this Hamilton Beach doesn’t work especially well. It has a wide spout, which makes drippage more common, so you have to be careful when you are pouring. You should avoid having children pour from the kettle unless the water is cool enough.

Confusing capacity

The capacity on this kettle is a bit odd. The water gauge stops lower than what you can fill, and while the kettle specs state it can hold eight cups, it can really only hold five full cups. You can fill the kettle higher than the gauge, but a concern is that it might boil over. It is best to consider this a 5-cup kettle and only fill a little higher than the maximum gauge, just in case.

Overall Review

While there’s some issues with the spout and capacity on this kettle, all-in all it does its job. You can get about five good-sized cups (40-ounces) from the Hamilton Beach 40898 Cool Touch electric kettle. It heats water up very quickly with the 1500-watts, and the heating element is protected from mineral build-up thanks to the filter. The kettle is cordless, so you can serve more easily, and also store the kettle in two parts if necessary. Cool-touch housing makes the kettle safer when it is filled with hot water.