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Powerful cordless electric kettle with large water capacity and superior construction

The Krups kettle is part of the Krups Breakfast Set (which includes a toaster and coffee maker), and offers cordless convenience along with a large water capacity, attractive and durable construction, and 1500 watts of power for fast, easy heating. There are some issues with the construction, but when handled with care, this kettle serves as a great option for people who love tea, coffee, and more.

1500 watts of power

The Krups BW730D heating element puts out 1500 watts, which is on the higher range for kettles of this size. A high wattage like this means the water heats up very fast, saving you a lot of time in the morning or whenever you feel like a hot drink.

1.7-liter capacity

The Krups kettle holds 1.7-liters of water, which equals 7 cups. You don’t have to fill it to max capacity every time, and the kettle has handy water level indicators lit in blue LED on the side, so you can easily make as little as 2 cups. Having the option of 7 cups makes this kettle great for families or even offices where tea and instant coffee are popular.

Auto shut-off

When water boils for too long in a kettle, it eventually evaporates, exposing the interior of the kettle and heating element to damage. The Krups is equipped with an auto shut-off, so when the water is a rolling boil, it turns itself off automatically, protecting the kettle. It also automatically shut offs if you accidentally leave it on and the kettle is empty.


Great construction

Though there are some parts of the Krups kettle that are plastic (like the base), the exterior is a combination of brushed and chrome stainless steel. This mix is both attractive and durable.

Anti-scale filter

To prevent mineral build-up from unpurified water, the kettle includes a removable anti-scale filter. Using the filter will result in better-tasting tea and coffee, and ensure that your kettle lasts as long as possible, since mineral build-up causes faster wear-and-tear.

Cordless convenience

You can easily serve from the kettle without the hassle of a cord. The kettle lifts off the 360-degree swivel base, where the cord is located, and you can carry it around as a separate piece. This also makes storage easier.


Gets hot

The main weakness with this Krups kettle is that it gets extremely hot. You should use extra caution when the kettle is heating water, and keep young children and pets away from the counter. You should also be careful when the water is ready, and wait for the exterior to cool or use oven mitts.

Overall Review

The Krups BW730 Breakfast Set electric kettle is a powerful 1500-watts and big enough to make 7 cups of tea, coffee, or other beverages (and soup/noodles) that use hot water. You should be careful because this kettle gets very hot, and it does have some plastic parts that could wear down over time, though the auto shut-off helps preserve the heating element. A scale filter helps with mineral build-up, and serving is always easy thanks to the cordless kettle.