Melitta 40994 1 Kettle
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Affordable electric kettle with 1500-watts, large capacity, and easy use

If you want an affordable electric kettle that can make enough water for a family, consider the Melitta 40994. It uses 1500 watts to heat up nearly 2 liters of water, and is easy to use thanks to the dual windows and cord-free serving. There are some issues with how fast the kettle can heat its large capacity, but considering its lower price, the Melitta is still a legitimate option.

1500 watts

1500 watts is on the higher-end, power-wise, for electric kettles. The watts combine with the rapid-boil system to ensure that the heating element speedily heats up water for beverages and food like oatmeal, mac & cheese, noodles, and more. The fast heat-time makes your mornings (or whatever time of day you need hot water) less stressful or rushed.

1.7-liter capacity

The kettle body holds 1.7 liters of water, which is just over 7 cups. This is pretty big for an electric kettle, so it’s a great choice if you have a family that uses hot water at the same time, or if your office needs a kettle.

BPA-free stainless steel

The construction on the Melitta is great for those trying to live plastic-free. The stainless steel is BPA-free and durable, so you can use the kettle frequently over a long period of time without worrying about it breaking down and tainting the water.



Thanks to the two-part design of the Melitta – the kettle body and corded base – this kettle is compact and tidy. It fits in small kitchens, dorm rooms, and offices. Even with the large capacity, the kettle uses its size well, and isn’t unnecessarily clunky.

Easy use

Using the kettle is easy. It has a push-button lid so you can easily pour or fill, and the dual-water windows mean you can see the water boil without having to turn the kettle a certain way.

Removable mesh filter

The water you boil for drinks and food should be as pure as possible. The mesh filter – which can be removed – helps prevent mineral deposits from entering the kettle and muddying up the taste of your water. Stopping minerals from entering the kettle also helps keep the kettle performing at its best.


A bit on the slow side

This kettle doesn’t boil quite as fast as most would probably like, considering the large water capacity. 1500 watts is a little on the low side for 1.7 liters. It isn’t significantly faster than stovetop, but it is faster, and it is also safer.

Overall Review

The Melitta 40994 is reasonably affordable, and while it can be a little slow heating up water, it offers BPA-free, filtered water and a compact design. You can serve up to 7 people with this kettle, and the stainless steel construction is built to last. The cord-free kettle and push-button lid make serving easy for families or offices.