Ovente Electric Kettle 1
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Affordable, cordless glass electric kettle with large capacity and safety features

The Ovente kettle is a sturdy glass kettle that won’t break the bank. It has a family-sized capacity and important safety features like a cool-touch handle, auto shut-off, and a locking lid. There’s some issues with the heating time, and you have to be careful with the glass kettle body, but for the price, this is a great, no-plastic electric kettle that’s cord-free.

1100 watts

The KG83B kettle has 1100 watts and can boil water 85% faster than a stovetop kettle. The source of the watts comes from the stainless steel concealed heating element. For those wondering, 1100 watts is on the lower side power-wise for an electric kettle, so if speed is a priority, you might not be totally satisfied with this kettle .

1 1/2-liter capacity

The body of the kettle can hold 1.5 liters of water, which is almost 6.5 cups. This is a perfect size for a family of three who wants two cups each, or for a family of 4-5 who only wants one apiece.

Glass body

Instead of the more common metal, the Ovente kettle is made from a high-borosilicate glass. It is resistant to stains, so cleaning it isn’t a huge problem. It is easy to see when the water is hot and bubbly.



For safety reasons, the kettle is designed with both a cool-couch bottom and handle. You can easily lift the kettle to serve when it is still quite hot, and rest it on a table without causing damage to the surface below or to any fingers that might wander in that direction.

Safety features

The Ovente is designed with additional safety features that keep both you and the kettle burn-free. The lid is a flip-back that locks, so there is less risk of accidental spills or leaks. For the kettle, over-boiling water can cause discoloration, which in a clear glass kettle is especially unsightly. The boil-dry protection shuts the power source off when the water starts to boil, so it doesn’t continue to get hotter and hotter, and cause damage.

Cordless serving

The glass kettle body and power source are separate. The body sits on a 360-degree swivel base (which houses the heating element), so you can serve without a cord waving around. This makes serving and storage very easy.


Lower wattage for capacity

1100 watts is a little low for 1.5 liters. The main concern is that it might heat up water more slowly than if it had higher wattage, but all things considered, the kettle does a pretty good job with speed, and it is still more efficient than heating up over a stovetop or microwave.

Glass breaks easily

Unlike a stainless steel kettle, the glass kettle will break if dropped. You have to be a bit more careful when it comes to moving the kettle and storage, so make sure young children aren’t being reckless with the kettle.

Overall Review

The watts are a little on the low side, but you can still heat up a maximum of 6.5 cups very quickly, and the fact there isn’t any plastic in the glass body means the water stays pure. A cool-touch handle and bottom keep the kettle safe for use, while the boil-dry protection (the kettle shuts off when the water is boiling) prevents both overheating and damage. Considering all these features, the cordless Ovente KG83B Glass electric kettle is extremely affordable. It even comes in a variety of bright colors.