340S-4 Wet Dry Dry
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Wet or Dry use

The Braun 3Series is designed to perform in dry and wet conditions. You can shave using this electric shaver while in the shower. You can shave using the 340s-4 while using gels or foams for a comfortable shave and you can also use it dry without risking damage or irritation to the skin.

The Triple Action Free Float System

The Braun 3Series has three cutting heads that move independent to each other each adapting to the surface contours of the skin and therefore every hair on the skin is effectively reached and cut.

Triple action cutting system

This electric shaver has twin foils that work together with a middle trimmer to ensure a close shave that takes out any 3-day stubble.

Senso Foil Technology

The 340S is designed with senso foil technology where the foil shaver works in an efficient sideways rhythm providing for precision, control, and a thorough, comfortable shave. The shaver foils protect the skin and ultimately offer 30% less skin irritations compared to rotary shaver heads that have built in skin conditioners.

Precision long hair trimmer

The Braun 3series comes along with a precision long hair trimmer that is essential for trimming hairs behind the neck, trimming the sideburns and precision cutting a moustache.

Precision headlock

The shaver has a precision headlock that you can use on sensitive hairs that need precision trimming.

Cleaning and Washing

Cleaning this electric shaver is easy and it comes with a cleaning brush. You can also clean the shaving blades in a sink by letting water run over the blades. The gadget is 100% waterproof and is not damaged by any amount of exposure to moisture.

Rechargeable Battery

The 340S is used cordless and can be used outdoors. You do not need corded power supply. The Ni-MH batteries used in the shaver are long lasting and they do not wear-out due to repeated charging. You can achieve a full charge in the batteries after one hour of charging. This in turn can provide 45 minutes of shaving time. You can have a quick charge of about 5 minutes, which will provide enough charge to last for one quick shave.

LED Indicator lights

The Braun 3Series has an LED light that indicates the level of battery charge at all times.

Universal Use

The Braun 3Series wet and dry shaver is used by travelers due to its versatility in accepting 100 volts and 240 volts.

Ease of use and portability

This electric shaver has a user-friendly design that makes it easy to use. It is light (1.1 pounds) and has a design that conforms to the palm of the hand. You can shave using this gadget for a long time without getting tired. Its small size of 6.1 x 2.7 x 8.7 inches makes it easily packable and one can travel with it. The Braun 3Series comes along with a convenience travel pouch.


Very comfortable

The senso foil technology makes shaving with the Braun 3Series a very comfortable affair and it does not leave any skin irritations. You are also protected from any cuts and grazes.

Very effective close shave

The triple action free float system and the triple action cutting system ensure that you are able to cut most of the hairs from the skin even from the very tricky areas.

Long lasting batteries

The batteries in the Braun series are powerful Ni-Mh batteries that do not suffer from memory defects that usually occur due to repeated battery charging.


Corded Shaving

The 340S-4 do not allow for corded shaving hence you cannot shave for long periods and the batteries can die out in the middle of a shave if your batteries are not adequately charged.


Some people may find the Braun 3Series a bit noisy. i.e. you can hear the buzzing of a 3Series 340S-4 electric shaver from an adjacent room.

Overall Verdict

The Braun 3Series 340S-4 is an electric shaver that can be used efficiently without need for a power cord but cannot be used when the batteries are without charge. It is a bit noisy.