Panasonic ES8103S Electric
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30-Degree Stainless nanotech Blades

The Panasonic ES8103S Arc3 wet and dry electric shaver has three stainless hypoallergenic blades that provide a sharp 30-degree cutting angle. This ensures that the hairs on the skin are cut at their base to give the closest shave.

Fast Linear motor drive

The ES8103S is powered by a strong linear motor that operates at a fast 13,000 RPM. This helps provide a more efficient shave that gets to most of the hairs while making sure that the hair is cut quick and there is no hair pulling or tugging which cause skin irritation.

Flexible pivoting shaving heads

The Arc3 electric shaver has shaving heads that move independently pivoting and flexing in relation to the surface of the skin. This makes sure that the blades can get to most of the hairs on the skin surface. The shaving heads have a pivot range of approximately 25 degress going back and forth and a range of approximately 20 degrees to the left and right. This pliable shaving heads make the shaving experience comfortable while ensuring higher shaving efficiency.

Slit Foil

The shaving foil surface has slits that trap long and short hair where the hair can be cut closely while protecting the skin from damage.

Wet and dry shaving

You can use foam or gel while shaving using the Panasonic Arc3 electric shaver. This will give a smooth and comfortable shave. You can shave while you are in the shower. You may also use this shaver dry without risk to your skin.


The Arc3 Panasonic electric washer is 100% waterproof and you can wash it using running water. The shaver has the turbo mode, which provides sonic vibrations that can be applied to shake off stubborn hairs from the shaver while holding it under running water.

Travel Convenience

This gadget weighs 7.1 ounces and has size dimensions of 1.7 x 2.4 x 6 inches and it comes with a travel pouch that makes it convenient to pack and travel with. This shaver can be used with power of 240 volts or 100 volts and therefore one can travel to any parts of the world and still use it.

Pop-up Trimmer

When you buy this electric shaver you also get a pop-up trimmer which you can use to trim the long hairs at the back of the neck, to trim your sideburns, or to trim your moustache.

LCD Display

When using this electric shaver, the user is able to tell the amount of battery charge still available due to the LCD light display. When charging, you can also be able to know when the batteries are fully charged by looking at the LCD display.

Ergonomic Design

The Panasonic ES8103S is designed to seamlessly fit into the palm of the hand. This makes using the shaver a comfortable experience and one does not tire quickly. The shaver has a rubber lining that ensures that the user has a firm grip even when using the shaver in a wet environment or when using gel or foam.

Rechargeable batteries

The Panasonic Arc3 dry and wet electric shaver runs on lithium-ion batteries that are recharged once they are low. You use the shaver cordless and you can move around while shaving or use in a remote location with no power source. You can get approximately 14 shaves after fully charging the batteries. If you are flat out of charge, you can charge the batteries for only 5 minutes and get charge enough to last for one shave.


Wet and dry use

You can shave with a dry operation without getting skin irritations and you can also shave using gel or foam to get a comfortable smooth clean shave. You may also opt to shave in the convenience of the shower.


Corded use

The shaver does not provide the option for using an external constant power supply and hence you cannot use the shaver for a long time

Overall Verdict

The Panasonic ES8103S Arc3 wet and dry electric shaver is a shaver that provides a close shave. It can be used in a wet or dry cordless operation.