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Innovative Technology and Sharp Nanotech TM blades

The Panasonic ES8243A is designed with an innovative technology that enables the shaver to achieve a better performance while shaving at 30 degrees. This electric Arc 4 shaver employs nanotechnology whereby the shaver uses 4 blades rather than three. The fourth blade provides additional efficiency during shaving. The blades and foils that are employed during the shaving process are arced so that they can have more efficiency cutting stubborn hair. The nanoblades have an expanded shaving surface, (a rise of 32%) which means there will be less pressure on the skin as you shave and consequently less skin irritation.

Ultra speed linear Motor Drive

The cutting blades are powered by a linear motor that operates at an amazing 13,000 rpm ensuring that it can get to all the hair in one pass. Many razors operate at 8,000 -10,000 rpm. This is a patented technology that enables the shaver to cut through thick whiskers.

Wet or Dry use

You can use the Panasonic ES8243A in the bathroom or you can shave dry. This shaver is 100% waterproof and it is not damaged by water.


You can clean the ES8243A electric shaver by just holding the gadget under running water and activating the turbo mode. This mode accelerates the motor to 17,000 RPM, which vibrates the shaver so much that any hairs in the blades or within the gadget are loosened off.

Flexible Pivoting Head

The Panasonic ES8243A has a flexible pivoting head that can conform to any contours of the face while shaving ensuring that the blades can get to most of all the hairs on the skin. This gives a smooth and comfortable shave.

Built in pop-up trimmer

The Panasonic ES8243A comes with a built in pop-up trimmer that enhances the experience of shaving intricate hairs such as the hairs behind the neck, sideburns, and the moustache.

10-Stage LCD indicator levels and cleaning reminder

The ES8243A electric shaver has a liquid crystal display panel that provides a comprehensive 10-stage display to show the battery levels at all times, a light to show the charge levels while charging, a indicator to show how many minutes have been used and a cleaning reminder to alert the user when the gadget needs to be cleaned.

Battery Use

The Panasonic Arc4 runs on batteries that need an hour to get fully charged. This charge can last 45 minutes of uninterrupted use. This shave has the option of quick charge where you can charge the batteries for five minutes and get enough battery juice for a quick shave.

Portability and Usage

This shaver is designed with a user-friendly ergonomic shape that makes it comfortable to use. It has a weight of 6.2 ounces and has a size of 9.6 x 3 x 7 inches. You can pack this electric shaver in its traveler pouch, which is provided, and use the shaver on travels or outdoors. You do not need a power outlet to use the shaver as it runs on its internal batteries. This gadget can be charged using 240 voltage power or 100 volts and hence you can use it across the globe.


Sharpest blade angle

The Panasonic is designed to shave at a sharp angle of 30 degrees, which enables the blades to cut the toughest hairs easily and to get to the shot stubble.

More cutting efficiency

The nanotechnology and the super sharp nanotech coating make the shaver have great efficiency in cutting hair.


Corded use

You cannot use this shaver while corded ad hence you cannot shave for long uninterrupted sessions.

Need to replace the inner blades

For optimum performance, you need to replace the outer foil and inner blades annually.

Overall Verdict

The Panasonic ES8243A Arc4 has great efficiency of cutting tough stubble due to its nano blades and floating foils. It is an easy shaver to clean and it has a comprehensive LCD display facility.