Philips Norelco Reviews
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Gyroflex 3D shaving system

The Philips Norelco 1250X is built with the Gyroflex 3D shaving system that makes sure that the shaver blades get most of the hairs including stubborn short stubble. This technology enables one to get a close shave without having the hairs tugged and pulled. Shaving with the Philips 1250X you will not have skin irritation or injuries from shaving. The shaving system has three dynamic parts that move independently floating around and pivoting in relation to the skin surface. These individual movements make the shaving head to conform to the skin surface enabling the blades to get to all the hairs.

Lift and Cut technology

The Senso touch electric shaver incorporates the patented lift and cut technology that ensures all hairs are cut as close as possible. In this approach, the hairs that lie flat on the skin, such as the hairs on the back of the neck, are lifted and then cut. Such hair is usually missed by contemporary shavers. Also, the ultra track shaving heads that are used by the Philips Norelco 1250X/46 have slots where long hairs are trapped and cut. It also has holes where short stubble is conveniently cut.

Rechargeable Batteries

The Philips 1250 is powered by lithium-ion batteries that enable one to use the shaver cordless without the need for an external power source. You can use the shaver while moving around freely and you can carry and use it while travelling. The batteries fitted into the Norelso senso touch need about 8 hours to get fully charged and this can provide about 140 minutes of shaving charge. This would be about 14 days of regular shaving. If your batteries are flat out, the Norelco 12509/46 has a quick charge functionality that enables you to charge the batteries for a short 5 minutes and you can use the shaver for about 3 minutes.

Wet or Dry Shave

You can use the Philips Senso touch in dry or wet operations. You can shave while in the shower if you need the convenience, you can use gel or foam to get a smooth comfortable shave, or you can opt to shave in a dry operation. This shaver can be submerged fully in water without any risk to the gadget. When shaving dry, the low friction SkinGlide shaving surface ensures that your skin is not glazed or cut. The blades are also surgical quality blades that will cut the hair in one swipe and will not tug or pull the hair causing skin irritation.

Touch Screen display

The Philips Senso touch electric shaver has a touch screen display that is very easy to use. The display clearly and accurately displays information on the battery levels and gives warning of when the battery is low and needs recharging. The display also clearly indicates the charging status and it will help the user know when the batteries are fully charged. The Philips Senso touch shaver also has a cleaning indicator to alert the user on the cleanliness levels of the shaver. This touch screen display will also give an alert when the shaving head is worn out and needs replacement.

Easy to use and handle

This electric shaver is designed with an ergonomic design that makes the gadget fit well in the hand and handling it is easy. The shaver has a good grip and it includes a rubber lining that ensures you still have a tight grip even when it is wet.


Cordless use

You can use this shaver without the need on a power cord, which will limit your movements.

Wet and Dry Use

You can conveniently use this shaver in the shower or with gels and foam. You can also use it dry without risk to your skin.


Replacing the shaving heads

You need to replace the shaving head after some time to ensure that you can continue using the shaver with maximum efficiency.

Overall Verdict

The Philips Norelco 1250X/46 senso touch is a shaver that provides good wet and dry cordless close shaves. It is easy to use and has a touch screen display screen that makes it convenient.