Philips Norelco PT730 Powertouch B006GQYSGO
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Dual Precision Triple Head Razor

The Philips Norelco PT730 has three shaving heads that are designed to deliver dual precision performance. This heads shave both long hairs and stubborn short hairs. The heads are built with the patented super lift technology that lifts the hairs ensuring the hairs are cut beneath the skin level.

Flex and Float shaving heads

When shaving with this electric shaver, the shaving heads harmoniously conform to the shape of your face and chin so it gets the most hairs and gives a smooth feeling. This technology ensures that the skin is protected from any grazes or cuts. Shaving with the Norelco powertouch does not result in any skin irritations.

Corded or Cordless

The PT730 can be used either cordless or plugged in to a power socket. You can therefore use this shaver while traveling around or in house without being limited by the length of the cord. If you are low on battery charge or if you intend to use the shaver for a long period, you can shave while connected to power. The Philips Powertouch can be used with 240 volts or 100 volts, and can be used internationally.

Rechargeable Battery Power

Fitted with rechargeable lithium batteries, the Norelco powertouch electric razor can be used for 140 minutes when fully charged, this would roughly provide enough juice to shave for about 14 days. The batteries take 8 hours to get fully charged. If you forgot to charge the batteries, of if you run out of juice as you shave, you can charge the batteries shortly for 6 to 8 minutes and the batteries will provide you with about 3 minutes of shaving time.

Pop-Up Trimmer

When you buy this shaver, it comes along with a pop-up trimmer that gives you better functionality for shaving the neck, sideburns, or for trimming the moustache.

Is it easy to wash

You can easily rinse and wash your Philips Norelco PT730 in the sink under running water. The package comes along with a cleaning brush that helps clean the razors. The design of this shaver is not complex and it does not trap hairs hence cleaning is straight forward.


The Philips Norelco PT730 has a bag where you can pack it and carry it around outdoors. This electric shaver weighs 6.2 ounces, and has dimensions of 1.8 x 2 x 6.1 inches and can therefore fit in a small confine.

LED indicator lights

The Philips Norelco PT730 has LED indicators that warns the user when the battery is low and another LED light to show when the battery is fully charged.


Light and Portable

This electric shaver is very light and one can move around easily while shaving. It has an ergonomic design that fits well in the hand. It has a good grip such that it does not slip even when wet. You can easily pack it and travel with it. It can be used internationally.

Effective shaving

The dual precision blades and the flex and float technology incorporated in the shaving heads makes the PT730 very effective in shaving stubborn and difficult-to-get- to hairs.

Corded & cordless convenience

You can use this shaver with a constant plugged in power supply or you can shave cordless. Shaving cordless does not limit you to shaving while in one room or rooted to one spot.


Shaving heads need a replacement every 12 months

You need to replace the HQ8 shaving heads after every 12 months to achieve the best results from this shaver.

Trouble shaving long hair

This shaver is not very efficient when cutting stubble that is more than 4 days old.

Overall Verdict

The Philips Norelco PT730 is a great shaver if you need to shave cordless. It can hold charge considerably well and it takes a short time to charge when the batteries are flat and you are in a hurry. It is however not a very good shaver if you have long hair, especially for men with tough hair.