4-Rack Digital
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A Suitable Electric Smoker for Beginners and Professionals?

The Bradley 4-rack Digital Smoker is from the respected range of Bradley’s electric “lazy-Q” home food smokers. The Bradley 4 takes its name from it 4 rack configuration and its digital electronic thermostat controls. Being electric means there is no need to mess about with fire starters and flammable liquids. With the electric Bradley you simply plug it in, stack up the external hard-wood feeder – it takes proprietary disks, more about those later – punch in your instructions on the digital display panel, and you are set to go.

Digital Thermostat and Timers

The smokers digital panel controls the temperature, the amount of smoke and the cooking times very precisely. This means that you can simply load in the food, set the digital timers and walk away without any further ado. What’s more you can set the timers individually for the smoke and cooking elements as the Bradley 4 has two distinct modes of smoking, hot and cold.

Hot & Cold Smoking

Hot smoking means cooking temperatures from 180 to 250 degrees Fahrenheit whilst smoking the food. This is great for cooking and smoking fish and meat. The Bradley 4 has two distinct heating elements one for the smoker and a larger one for cooking. This means you can cold smoke food such as cheese and hams without cooking by simply turning off the cooking element.

Programmable Versatility

The really good part though is that you can hot smoke some of the time and then have the cooking element switch off but still continue cold smoking. This can be set to occur automatically without any intervention via the digital display.

So what are the Pros and Cons?

The Bradley’s versatility is a big plus due to its hot/cold smoking options. However its digital programmable timers and its precise and reliable thermostat control allows for ‘set and forget’ operation which makes it extremely convenient and easy for even beginners to operate.

Stainless steel interior

The Bradley has a stainless steel interior which makes cleaning very easy, yet has a rugged exterior for outdoor use. It is also very compact for despite its load capacity it is only the size of a small refrigerator. This makes storage very convenient, though it has got all-weather covers so it could stay outside all year round.

Online Community

Another valuable feature is the huge online community of Bradley aficionado’s with tips, advice, ideas and recipes.

The Cons

The hardwood ‘biscuits’ that are used for smoking and fit in the external feeder are only available through Bradley distributors. They are not cheap and are necessary to do any form of smoking. So take note; they do not come with the appliance and need to be ordered separately. Typically you need a minimum of three biscuits per hour of smoking. As some smoking projects can take up to eight hours you had better make sure you have enough before you start.

Other Considerations

The Bradley smoker is designed for outdoor use and it needs space and quite a lot of it to ensure the copious amount of smoke emitted won’t inconvenience neighbors.


The Original is a very good smoker and cooker that is suitable for both rookie and expert. It is feature rich and is capable of producing the goods in any scenario.