SmokeN Grill Electric Smoker
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Brinkmann Smoke-N-Grill Electric Smoker and Grill is an electric cooker measuring 17 x 17 x 26 inches. It has in the base a 1500 watt heating element that heats lava rocks which is the same design as the Brinkmann Gourmet model.

Smoker, steamer and waist high Grill

The Brinkmann gourmet can be used as both a food smoker, steamer or by detaching the lower section, as a waist high grill. The gourmet is extremely easy to set up and use and has a preset temperature of 225 degree Fahrenheit. The pre-set temperature makes extremely easy to use as all that is required is it to be plugged in and switched on. This makes it ideal as short notice BBQ cooker. The pre-set temperature is best suited though for low and slow BBQ smoking and cooking rather than as a quick grill, for burgers and sausages.

How it works

The Brinkmann is simplicity itself to operate as there are no controls just plug it in add water and chips. The smoker uses wood chips which come in a variety of flavors. The chips are poured in via the small front door in the mid-section of the cooker. The cooker produces a lot of smoke and is vented out the top by having a loose fitting dome. Despite this the temperature appears to remain pretty constant but without any gauge it is hard to tell. This is all pretty much, a case of fire and forget smoking. However on long smokes it will be necessary to refill the water basin. This can be tricky as the water basin is directly beneath the food.

Ease of use

The Brinkmann is a perfect entry level or ‘seldom use’ outdoor BBQ smoker and grill because it can be assembled and working in minutes.

Great smoker

The Brinkmann is a great smoker and produces copious quantities of smoke which pours out of the loosely fitting dome. Its best as a long slow cooker when the smoke has plenty of time to infuse into the meat.


It has an attractive yet durable exterior for outdoor use, the detachable sections giving access to the interior for cleaning. It is also very compact design which makes storage easier.

No temperature control

The temperature is preset and cannot be adjusted.

Poor insulation

The outside air temperature can affect the cooking temperature making it hard to maintain high enough cooking temperature. Wind and cold cause the temperatures to vary quite a lot over a long slow cook.

Quality of build

This is a really tricky one … as it is either genius or madness – it appears the Brinkmann was designed to have an ill-fitting door, a very loose fitting dome lid and strangely oblong body diameter which does not match the shape of the lid – there is a gap round one side. It appears it was designed that way, as there are no other obvious ventilation points though it can be hard to tell as the smoke is belching out of every gap on the appliance.

Other considerations

It is difficult to maintain cooking temperature during winter and on windy days because of the thin metal used in the construction and also due to the many gaps and loose fitting parts.


This appliance from Brinkmann is a great entry level BBQ smoker and low slow cooker and is best suited to that role. However it can act as a makeshift grill for small amounts of burgers and suasages.