Masterbuilt With Window And Bonus
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Well-built digital electric smoker with 721-square inches of space and wood chip loading system

You get a lot of smoking space when you choose the Masterbuilt 20077615 digital electric smoker. With 721-square inches, you can smoke enough food for a crowd and with the ability to use wood chips, you get a genuine, delicious smoked taste. The low smoking temps on this smoker help with flavor as well, and keeping tabs on the food’s progress is very convenient thanks to the digital controls.

721-square inch of cooking space

The 721-square inches on this smoker are distributed among four smoking racks. This is enough space to smoke food for at least 10 people, so the Masterbuilt is ideal for big gatherings like family reunions, graduation celebrations, and more. Also included in this unit is a newly-designed front drip pan to catch all the food juices and keep cleaning to a minimum.

Smokes up to 275 ℉

If you’ve ever smoked meat/veggies before, you know that it needs to be done at a low temperature over a long period of time. The Masterbuilt digital electric smoker is powered by 800-watts and can get as hot as 275 degrees, so you don’t have to worry about the smoker getting too hot and burning anything.

RF remote

You want to have total control over your smoker and know what’s up at all times. The RF remote allows you to control everything from temperature to time. It also turns the smoker on or off, controls the light inside the smoker, and lets you know what temperature the meat is at. You don’t have to concern yourself with accidentally over or undercooking anything.



The smoker is very well-built and is made to last. It has a full-foam insulation to keep heating even and consistent, and has chrome smoking racks. Chrome “sheds” heat faster than stainless steel so the racks don’t get too hot for the meat, which need to stay at a low temperature.

Uses wood chips

Not all digital/electric smokers let you use wood chips in the smoking process. The Masterbuilt 20077615 has an excellent wood chip loading system under the smoker’s heat source. Simply put in about 4 cups of your choice of chip (cedar, maple, cherry, etc) and you have enough for 5 or so hours of cooking to get that rustic smoked flavor.

Easy to move

Moving the smoker around – whether it’s from one end of your deck to the other, or into a storage area – is done either by using the handle or the rear wheels, which glide smoothly so you don’t have to take on the smoker’s weight.


Digital control accuracy issues

The one downside to this particular Masterbuilt smoker is that the digital controls are somewhat lacking. They often provide incorrect information about meat temperature and so on, and are made of flimsier parts than the rest of the smoker. It might take some time to figure out how much to trust the digital readouts, and you can always use an additional meat thermometer just to be sure.

Overall Review

The Masterbuilt 20077615 combines the convenience of digital with the old-fashioned taste of wood-chip smoke. Slowly smoke foods like ribs, chicken, and corn with the Masterbuilt’s excellent low temps and chrome smoking racks for at least 10 people, all while maintaining control over the smoker with your remote control. The digital controls aren’t always 100% reliable, but you’ll figure out how they operate pretty quickly so you can get the best performance possible out of the smoker.