Digital Smokehouse Smoker
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Masterbuilt has been building low priced entry level refrigerator style smokers like this model for several years. This model is the 30 inch high, has 1.7 cubic feet of cooking capacity, and the four tray version can handle around thirty pounds of meat. The top surface mounted control panel enables you to set the temperature anywhere from 100 to 275 degrees Fahrenheit. The heating element is 800 watt and sits beneath a small firebox to create smoke from wood chips that need to be periodically refilled. The smoke box can be conveniently refilled without opening the appliance and disturbing the cooking process by way of a side door. The water tray can also be refilled in this manner meaning that on long slow smokes the temperature should remain consistent. However with the 1.7 cubic feet capacity the electric element seems to be under powered.

Who does it suit?

The Masterbuilt Smoker is suitable for families and small parties as it can cook around 30 pounds of meat at one go. It is a typical slow and low smoker and cooker which means cooking time will be lengthy but that is required to get the full benefit of the smoking process. The smoke takes time to effuse into the meat that is only possible through a long slow cook. What the Masterbuilt Digital Smoker is not suited for is large parties or for quick processing of food. You need to prepare, load and cook the food in advance.

How does it work?

The Masterbuilt Smoker operates by the electrical element heating the inside of the food chamber and as it sits below the smoke box it directly generates the smoke via the smoldering wood chips. A water basin provides steam to prevent the meat drying. The smoke making process needs manual attention by loading wood chips into the smoke box and these need replenished during long cooks.

Plug & Smoke

The Masterbuilt is an ideal starter smoker at the entry level. It simply requires to be plugged into an electrical socket to be ready to go. All that is required in preparation is to fill the water basin – flavor to choice, then load the wood chips to provide the smoke. Once the food has been loaded onto the trays and the required temperature and timers set, simply push a button to start.

Easy to use

Very easy to use and maintain, for small – less than three hours – cooking projects it is almost a fire and forget process. I say almost as sometimes on longer cooks the smoke bin and water basin will need replenished.

Easy to load

The Masterbuilt has four interior trays that can be easily accessed via the front door of this refrigerator style appliance – so loading and removing the cooked food is easy and safe.

Well-made and insulated

One of the problems with a lot of competitors is the lack of suitable insulation which makes them vulnerable to external temperatures which causes fluctuating internal cooking temperatures. This is not the case with the Masterbuilt 20070910 it seems unaffected to all but the most extreme ambient temperatures.


This is an excellent starter level smoker and cooker that is suited for family and BBQ parties. It is best suited for long slow BBQ cooking started in advance. It is not quite fire and forget as the smoke box and water basin do require regular replenishing but on most small cooks this should not be a problem.