Electric Smoker
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The Old Smokey Electric Smoker is a drum shaped flat topped cooker and smoker that is uniquely basic in its design. It is little more than a stock pot with a hefty electrical element in its base. It has a tight fitting flat top which makes it a closed ventilation free cooking system that lets juices run back on top of the food which retains the meats flavoring and keeps it moist. The appliance is electrically powered by a 1250 watt element at the base and a wood chip tray sits directly above the element providing the smoke. This makes the Old Smokey perfect as a slow BBQ smoker.

Is it really that simple?

Old Smokey is simple in its construction and use. It is a a top load drum much like a stock pot with a 1250 watt electric heating element at its base. There is an additional drip tray but there is no water basin as this is a closed system not a water based steamer. A smoke box sits above the electric element and needs to be pre-loaded. There is no method of refilling without opening the appliance. There is an additional grill on the cooking level where the food is loaded. These are just basic grids approximately 15 inches in diameter which can hold plenty of food. Above the food the flat top seals tightly keeping all the smoke and flavor inside. This also makes cooking times much shorter than on other smoker/cookers as the heat and smoke are not ventilated but retained for the duration of the cooking process. The smoker is drum shaped and has two internal shelves to hold the food. Both these shelves have generous capacity and can comfortably hold a 10 pound brisket or shoulder of pork. The Old Smokey has a height of 29 inches and a circumference of 15.5 inches and is designed for outside use.

Who is it suited too?

The Old Smokey is very user friendly it requires next to no setting up and is almost fire and forget in its operation. It is very suited to the beginner or experienced BBQ chef as its capabilities are not hindered by its simplicity. The cooking capacity is amble for all the food required to feed a medium sized family or small party.

How does it work?

Old Smokey operates on main electricity and is thermostatically controlled by selecting the temperature, though this is simply a low-ideal-high option. It uses a closed system method of cooking whereby all the flavor and smoke is retained within the appliance. The theory is that by retaining the smoke the meat will be infused with its flavor more readily – that theory is certainly questionable as is the amount of smoke actually generated within this airtight closed system. What is not though is its enhanced cooking times. By operating a closed system the cooking times are shortened and that need to be adjusted for when setting the timers for your old recipes.

Simple to use

Old Smokey really doesn’t get any simpler to use just load in the wood chips, then the food, shut the lid, set the temperature and away you go.

Awkward to load and unload

The top load design can be awkward to load and unload.

Better as a cooker than a smoker

Because of the closed system method of cooking high temperatures can accelerate cooking times which is a boon when cooking but less advantageous for smoking.


Old Smokey produces good results, which proves that design doesn’t have to be complicated to be good. It is remarkably simple in its construction and use and for families and small BBQ parties it is a very worthy BBQ cooker.