HP-STX Sonic Electric Toothbrush
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A truly ergonomic gadget

The Wellness HealthPro Ultra is highly powered rechargeable electric toothbrush that uses the sonic technology for a professional, in-depth cleaning of the teeth and the gums. Easy-to-remove brush heads make it an extremely practical electric toothbrush since the entire family can use the same main unit. The brush heads also come in various colors as to be easily identified. The Wellness HealthPro toothbrush also provides user friendly features such as various brushing modes, auto-alert for brushing for more than 30 seconds in the same area and an auto shut down feature that turns off the toothbrush after two minutes of brushing.

Sonic technology for powerful cleaning

The Wellness HealthPro toothbrush uses sonic technology which enables it to generate a powerful 36.000 power strokes per minute in depth cleaning, removing most of the microscopic plaque and bacteria that might got left behind by regular toothbrushes.

Different brushing modes for different types of teeth

Everyone’s teeth and gums are different and each of them require a different brushing style. This is where the Wellness HealtPro toothbrush comes in handy. The user can choose between three different brushing modes. The Power/Clean mode can be used daily, allowing for a thorough high speed cleaning while the Soft/Gentle brushing mode should be used by those with sensible teeth. The Massage brushing mode uses pulsating motions as to ensure a massage like effect for the gums.

Auto-alert features

The Wellness HealtPro toothbrush is equipped with smart timers that allow the user to fully control the brushing routine. The auto-alert kicks in every 30 seconds, ensure that the user gets a proper dentist-recommended brushing time. Wellness HealtPro also has an auto-shutoff feature that turns off toothbrush automatically after two minutes of brushing.

Multiple easy-to-replace brush heads

The Wellness HealtPro toothbrush includes ten replaceable brush heads that come in various colors for easy identification for shared use. The main unit can be used by more than one person by just replacing the brush head.


Cheap and easy-to-replace brush heads

A new brush head for the Wellness HealtPro can be bought at a very low price.

Customizable brushing experience

Wellness HealtPro features three brushing modes for a wide variety of personal dental-care needs.


Low quality brush heads

The brush heads are smaller than those used on a classic toothbrush and you cannot use much toothpaste at once.

Powerful vibration and soft bristles

Vibration quite powerful and it is especially noticeable because the head of the toothbrush is very small, even smaller than the size of a standard toothbrush.

Overall review

The Wellness HealtPro is an easy-to-use and efficient toothbrush. The brush heads are quite small and might feel uncomfortable to some users. The toothbrush also features different brushing modes so it can also be used on sensible teeth.