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Impressive electric toothbrush with QuadSense technology, superior germ-killing UV Sanitizer, and extra brush heads

The iBrush SonicWave cleans your teeth like a dentist would. It has three operating modes complete with QuadSense technology and extra brush heads, so up to three people can benefit from the electric base. This review will highlight more of the brush’s strengths and weaknesses.

3 operating modes

Not everyone’s teeth and gums are the same, so the brush comes with three distinct operating modes: normal, gentle, and massage. The gentle and massage modes are especially beneficial if you have sensitive gums. Even if you don’t, massaging your gums in addition to brushing your teeth helps prevent gum disease.

QuadSense technology

Most people don’t brush long enough, or brush inconsistently. Your mouth is divided up into four quadrants, and each one needs to be brushed for the same amount of time. The QuadSense technology times your brush and alerts you to when it’s time to move to another part of your mouth.

Ionic charge docking station

The electric toothbrush is powered by an ionic charge docking station. It’s water-resistant and keeps your brush powered for up to 6 weeks or more. This is a lot longer than other chargers or battery-operated brushes.


Three people can use the electric base

One of the big pluses to the iBrush SonicWave is that you are basically buying three toothbrushes in one. It comes with two extra heads in different colors, so you don’t get your brush mixed up. Simply pop the different heads on the motorized base for all the iBrush benefits.

Kills more germs

The iBrush has exceptional germ-killing qualities. The charging dock comes with a UV sanitizing light that turns on when the cup is closed over the brush head. That light kills 99% of germs so every time you use the brush, it’s super clean and safe.

Travel with it

Another advantage that the iBrush SonicWave electric toothbrush has is because it holds a charge for so long, you can take the brush with you when you travel. Instead of packing a lot of batteries or the whole unit, just take the brush.


Bad manual

The main downside to the SonicWave is that the manual is poorly-written. It’s difficult to understand and doesn’t contain important information like a customer service number. On the other hand, the brush is easy to figure out without a manual, so a bad manual isn’t a dealbreaker.

Overall Review

Considering how much it offers, the iBrush SonicWave electronic toothbrush is very affordable. It has superior germ-killing abilities thanks to the UV light, extra brush heads, and it holds a super long charge, which saves on energy in the long-run. If you have been wanting an electric toothbrush, this is definitely a great option for you and up to two other people.