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Updated toothbrush for even more efficiency

Oral-B 4000 electric rechargeable toothbrush is the updated version of the well-known Oral-B Triumph toothbrush. This new toothbrush features a Deep Clean mode that removes up to 99.7% of the plaque built up between the teeth and as the producer mentions it also improves gum health. Oral-B 4000 promises outstanding polishing and whitening in just three weeks. FlossAction technology offers a superior brushing experience. Equipped with an in-handle smart display with interactive feedback that also shows the charge level, this toothbrush is a very ergonomic gadget.

Four different brushing modes

Oral-B Professional Care 4000 features four different brushing modes that ensure a thorough cleaning. Even though the Daily Clean and Deep Clean modes operate at the same speed, Deep Clean ensures a 45-second quadrant cleaning. This mode helps the user to achieve a total brushing time of three minutes while the Daily Clean mode features a two minutes brushing time. For those with sensible teeth, the Sensitive mode uses lower brushing speeds for a gentle cleaning that also benefits the gums. Whitening mode is designed in such a way that it alternates between speeds, granting a polishing effect.

Wide range of brush heads compatibility

Oral-B Professional Care 4000 is compatible with a wide range of brush heads manufactured by Oral-B so there is always something to choose from. The color of the Indicator Bristles slowly fades as the brush head wears out so you can know when it is the time to replace it. Manufacturer recommends changing the toothbrush head after three months of use.

Pressure sensor feature

The Oral-B 4000 toothbrush is equipped with a smart pressure sensor that alerts the user if he or she is brushing too hard. This style of brushing can make the bristles wear out very quickly, resulting in a poor cleaning.

Battery lifetime

When fully charged, Oral-B Professional 4000 can be used for up to ten days. It is recommended that you fully deplete the battery before recharging it to prolong your toothbrush’s life time.


Powerful brushing

Oral-B Professional Care 4000 ensures a professional cleaning by using 40.000 pulsations and over 8.800 oscillations per minute.

Easy to change brush heads

Oral-B 4000 is compatible with a wide range of brush heads and since they are so easy to replace, the whole family can use the same unit with individual brush heads.

Long life time

Oral-B 4000 has a lifetime of about two years.


A bit too powerful

Even though it does a great job at cleaning, this toothbrush might be a bit too much for people with sensible teeth, even when used at the lowest speed.

Not environmental

Replacing the battery is not possible so if your battery dies, you need to replace the whole product.

Overall review

Oral-B 4000 presents itself as a highly efficient electric toothbrush. It has a prolonged lifetime but if the battery fails at one point, there is no way of replacing it without damaging the unit.