Brother PE500 Embroidery Machine
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Embellishing Tool

The PE500 is an easy to learn and use appliance from Brother that is perfect for the beginner user. It features an easy-to-view touch screen back-lit LCD display that accesses 70 different embroidery designs and 5 lettering fonts.

Computer Connectivity

With this feature you can import thousands of different designs that can be easily purchased online. The PE500 can also be hooked onto your computer to receive updates to keep the machine running at its best. The machine uses .pes files that can be easily transferred from the computer to the Embroidery Machine.


This machine comes with plenty of accessories so that it can be used straight out of the box, including a stabilizer and thread starter set, needle set, hoops and more. The user manual comes in both English and Spanish plus a free phone support line for as long as you have the product.


Affordable and Easy to Use

The PE500 from Brother is an embroidery machine that is great for starters. It is affordable but still features plenty of top-of-the-line functions that are found in expensive machines. The 4”x4” embroidery area is perfect to let your creativity run free. The LCD touch-screen display has different design editing features and tutorials for maximum embroidery experience. Like the SE400 –also from Brother-, the PE500 features a worry-free automatic needle threader that is operated with one simple touch.

Perfect for Beginners

Although advanced users can definitely enjoy this machine, the PE500 is specially perfect for beginners. It is easy-to-use, simple and straightforward to help embellish used or new clothes or personalize gifts for friends or family. Experienced users can also use this machine as a carry-on Embroidering Machine since it is lightweight and easy to carry.


Embroidery Only

This is only an embroidery machine. It doesn’t do any sewing so it is important to make a note of that before purchasing this machine. The PE500 is affordable but can also do heavier duty jobs such as embroidering denim or leather as well as more delicate fabrics such as silk.

Overall Review

Although the Brother PE500 can only do embroidery work, it does it very well. It is a lightweight and simple machine that can help embellish clothing or home décor. It can be connected to a computer to keep it up to date and also to download designs purchased online. It does take some use to learn the machine well but it is worth the time. The LCD screen allows you to edit and resize the designs for a more customized experience and it shows easy-to-follow tutorials. The accessories included with the appliance are enough to get started as soon as it is out of the box. It is affordable, making it best for beginner users or advanced users who want to do light embroidery work or just want a machine that is easy to carry around.