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Versatile Sewing and Embroidery Machine

The SINGER Future XL-400 is a little monster. This machine lets you create and edit your own designs on your PC to the transfer them to your appliance. The Embroidery hoop is large, sitting at 10”x6” for optimal embroidery results.

Easy Setting Up

The machine features what is called a “SwiftSmart” threading system that, along with a Drop & Sew Bobbin system can make setting up the machine the easiest. This SwiftSmart system automatically makes threading the needle a breeze and the Drop & Sew bobbin systems lets you load and change the bobbin easily and in no time. The LED lights features in the XL-400 keep the workspace brightly lit for comfortable work.


Besides the SwiftSmart and Drop & Sew systems, the Future XL-400 by SINGER comes with 30 built-in sewing stitches and 125 embroidery designs. Five different fonts and outline lettering also come with the appliance. The multihooping capability lets you create designs of up to 12”x20” with little to no problem, allowing you to embroider larger projects easily. The 2 Fully Automatic Buttonholes function makes it easy and quick to sew in just one step.


When you purchase the SINGER Future XL-400, you get some free accessories with your purchase such as a 10”x6” and a 4”x4” embroidery hoops that are easy to put on and use, scissors, thread spool nets, USB cable, and seven different foots. Also included are a pack of needles, bobbins, spool pin felt, auxiliary spool pin, seam ripper/lint brush, thread spool caps, and screwdrivers making the machine ready to use right out of the box.

Large and Comfortable Workspace

The sewing/embroidering part is large enough to make quilting, sewing or embroidering of bigger projects easier. The lights are bright and comfortable. The stitches included with the machine are beautiful and straightforward to use. The threading system makes the job effortless for those who struggle threading needles. The manual is simple and easy to understand so that the machine is perfect for beginners or advanced users.

No Cutter

The machine doesn’t come with an automatic thread cutter so it is important to be prepared with some scissors beforehand. Cheaper thread can break easily with this machine so make sure to get good quality thread so that there are no problems.

Overall Review

With the exception of the lack of thread cutter or that thread may break easily if not handled with care, the SINGER Future XL-400 is a great machine that allows your to custom make your designs and edit them easily. It is perfect for the beginner and advanced users. The instructions are easy to understand and the appliance is straightforward and easy to use. With all the accessories that come with it, the Future XL-400 is ready to use straight out of its box.