SINGER Futura XL-550 Sewing For Sale
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A Step Above

If the Futura XL-400 had everything you needed, the XL-550 goes even a step higher. This machine has many of the features the XL-400 had and more. It can be a simple machine for beginners but advanced users can even have the possibility to use their own designs in this machine.

Sewing and Embroidery Made Easy

The Futura XL-550 features the SwiftSmart threading system that automatically threads the needle at the touch of a button. The embroidery hoop is 10”x6” and it allows for multihooping capability for larger embroidering area of up to 12”x20” for bigger projects such as table cloths, dresses and bedspreads. It also comes with the Drop & Sew system to automatically pick thread up for easier threading.


This machine boasts a large stitching and design library sitting at 215 built-in sewing stitches and 125 built-in embroidery designs. Sewing is made easier with six fully automatic one-step buttonholes and one endless buttonhole. There are 20 different fonts and outlines that come with the XL-550. This machine features HyperFont, AutoPunch and Advanced Editing for a truly personalized embroidery experience. The included software comes with built-in tutorials to help you learn the appliance in no time.

High-End Embroidery

The Futura XL-550 brings you the same quality results as a high-end embroidery machine but only costing you a fraction of the price by using your own PC. All you have to do is connect your PC to the machine via the USB cable that comes included and use the software to see the tutorials and send designs to the appliance.

Embroidery Programs

The XL-550 by SINGER comes with three embroidery software programs, 125 different designs, AutoPunch, HyperFont and Advanced Editing Software, Design File Compatibility to read most design file formats. 20 built-in fronts for monogramming that can be easily personalized. The Design Browser allows you to view different designs at a time so that you can view the entire design library easily. The stitches will show on your computer screen exactly as they will sew.


To get you started, SINGER adds a number of free accessories included with the purchase. The XL-550 comes with an automatic thread cutter, unlike the XL-400. Two different embroidery hoops are included. The 6 LED Space Lights light up brightly to create a comfortable workspace. Three accessory storage trays give you ample space for accessories. Sit different foots, one pack on needles, bobbins, spool pin felt, USB cable, scissors, seam ripper/lint brush and auxiliary spool pin are all included with the purchase.

Overall Review

The Futura XL-550 by SINGER is a powerful machine made for high-end embroidery and sewing. There are many tutorials for this machine that a beginner could use, but advanced users can make the most out of this machine. The possibilities are endless with the XL-550 as there are many different editing tools for fully a customizable experience. With the digitizing program that is included with it, you can even make original designs to be used for embroidering making this machine a powerful appliance.