SE7681 Silk-pil And
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Short Hair Specialist

The Silk-épil 7 has been designed as Braun’s ultimate epilator for very short hairs. This is a huge advantage since with some epilators you need to actually let the hair grow out a bit before you can remove it with the device. The SE7681 will effectively remove hair that are extremely short, even as small as a grain of sand.

All Over Use

The Braun SE7681 also has been designed with a lot of attachments to offer all-over functionality. These include a shaver, a trimmer to groom hair you want to keep, a sensitive area attachment, a special attachment for the face and the efficiency cap. This means that the Silk Epil 7 has a lot of versatility and a variety of uses.


Designed for Efficiency

The SE7681 has been designed for efficient hair removal. There are little tips on the head that actually guide the hair into the tweezers. And there are 40 tweezers so it does a pretty large area at once. There are two speeds so you can choose whether you care more about efficiency or painless removal – that’s a nice choice to have because you may want to go faster on your legs but easier on your bikini line.

Features for Added Comfort

There are also some design features that add to the comfort. For one thing, it’s a wet/dry, and epilating under running water can reduce the discomfort. Also, there is a massage function that adds a soothing feature and helps to bring the hair up on the first pass.

Fast, Fast, Fast

It’s hard to find an epilator that actually gets the job done quickly without a lot of extra passes and missed hairs. If speed is a concern for you, the Silk-épil 7 will not let you down. It’s faster than the competition and still gives great results the first time.


Charge and Cord

It’s too bad that this model can’t be used while it’s plugged in to charge, because it really doesn’t hold its charge long enough. It can run out while you’re in the middle of epilating a leg, which is a big problem. It takes an hour to charge. It’s lucky it works so fast because you do have to hurry before it runs out of charge.

Limited Battery Life

Again, the battery is the big caveat when it comes to Braun’s SE7681. You’ll probably find that after a long happy time with this epilator, things will be going great until the battery finally dies and refuses to charge. Sadly, because it doesn’t work while plugged in, this means you’ll have to get a new epilator. The battery almost always dies while the rest of the functions are working great, so this can be a big letdown.

Overall Review

Despite a disappointing battery, there are some really great features to love about the Braun Silk-épil 7. It is one of the fastest epilators around, and it really does remove hair well. It’s been designed for short hair, so you won’t have to let hair grow out before you can epilate it, which is a really nice function. Some of the design features make the process more comfortable, making for an overall good experience using this product.