Purple 1 Count Silk Epil
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Smooth Legs for Weeks

The Braun Series 3-3170 uses the 20-tweezer system that pulls the hairs out at the root for smooth skin. This system lasts longer than shaving, preventing hair regrowth for up to four weeks. This epilator uses the Braun two speed system that allows you to choose between the slower speed for gentler epilation and the faster speed for more efficient hair removal.

Added Features for Value

There are several additional features that come with the Braun Series 3 Silk Epil that add value to your epilating experience. There is a massage function to stimulate the skin and offer a smoother result. The lifting tips on the head guide even laying hairs into the tweezers so you don’t have to do as many passes. The built-in light helps by illuminating the skin so you won’t miss any hairs when epilating.


Pivoting Design

This Braun Silk Epil 3 features the pivoting head that easily maneuvers around tough spots, even the knees that are sometimes tough to do with other epilators. The massage rollers stimulate the skin and actually offer more comfort as you go. The soft lifters guide the hair to the tweezers.

Built-In Light

The light that is included in this model works really well and is something you don’t always find in epilators of this price. This means the Braun series 3 can help you to get a very detailed finish by spotlighting any hairs you may have missed.

Removes Most Body Hair

The Braun Series 3-3170 is not designed for use on the face, but it will get pretty much any hair on the body that you have to contend with. The legs and underarms are no problem for this unit. If you need to do hair removal on your arms, fingers, feet or toes, it should be able to handle it all.


Flat Head

There are some nice features about the head of this epilator, specifically, the pivot that help you get around the knees. But it would be more efficient if the head were curved a little, since you end up only being able to get a small strip of skin on certain parts of your leg. For an epilator designed specifically for legs, it would be nice to have a little curve in the head.

Requires More Passes

In this price range, this is a common problem. The Braun 3-3170 probably won’t give perfectly smooth results on the first pass. You’ll have to go over it at least two or even three times. To make this better, you could exfoliate first to make the hairs stick up better. Keep in mind that it is less painful when it’s not pulling all of the hairs at once.

Overall Review

The Braun Series 3-3170 Silk Epil Epilator is the most basic epilator from the Braun lineup. While it doesn’t have as many features or functions as the other Braun’s, it still gets the job done pretty well, especially for this price. The pivoting head helps with some of the tough to get spots and the light isn’t something you always get on a lower end epilator. All in all, it’s a good purchase for a starter epilator for legs and underarms.