Emjoi Epi Slim Battery Operated Epilator
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Facial Hair Perfection

The Emjoi Epi Slim is an epilator designed for removing facial hair and touching up the bikini line. While it is not designed to be used on the arms or legs, you could also use it for touchups in those areas. It manages to remove even the finest hair and peach fuzz, which can be impossible for some of the larger epilators. The head features 9 tweezers that quickly pull hair from the root, so they eventually begin to grow back finer and lighter.

Very Gentle on Delicate Skin

Because it has been designed specifically for facial use, the Emjoi Epilator is going to be much better than an epilator designed for larger area body hair if you’re looking specifically for a facial hair remover. It is gentler and less irritating to the skin than waxing, and the results last longer than shaving.


Powerful Motor

The Emjoi Epi Slim features a powerful motor that runs on two AA batteries. This means it pulls the hair out quickly, which makes it a less painful option. If you’ve ever tried tweezing those sensitive facial hairs one by one, you understand that getting the job done fast is a much better option.

Fine Hairs Pose No Problem

While larger epilators might miss the peach fuzz type of hairs, this Emjoi is designed specifically for that type of hair. It will get rid of the finest lip or chin fuzz with no problem for an overall smoother look that lasts for a long time. It does get the courser hairs as well, but since most of us are dealing with fine facial hair, it’s nice to know that it can handle both types.

Affordable Option

The price of this model is a big strength. While there are other inexpensive options for epilators, most of them are targeted towards removing hair on the legs and underarms. The Emjoi Slim is the perfect affordable facial hair epilator.


Loud Motor

That powerful, pain-preventing motor comes with a price: it is loud. While this may not be a problem for many of us, if you want to do your grooming while someone sleeps, it could pose a problem. It also makes the entire process somewhat less relaxing.

May Not Work on Short Hair

Although it is designed to work on shorter hairs as well as longer ones, you may notice that it doesn’t quite get the job done unless you grow the hair out a little bit first. That can be an embarrassing thing to have to do. But the upside is that the hair growth will change after an extended period of epilation. It will not be as thick, dark or coarse and the growth will be much slower. So you may be trading a few weeks of growing it out for a lifetime of less hair overall in the area.

Overall Review

If you are in the market for a low cost epilator that is geared towards using on the face, the Emjoi Epi Slim Epilator may be the best option for you. It is a powerful battery operated model that works efficiently to grab even the finest hair. While it might not work great on very short hair this is small price to pay for the results.