Epilady EP-810-33A Legend 4 Rechargeable Epilator
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Classic Product Revamped

The Epilady is the enduring name in epilators, and this Legend 4 epilator is a revamped version of the original. The design is completely ergonomic and easy to hold. It can be used cordless or while plugged in to charge, which is a great bonus. It removes hair for up to four weeks, pulling it from the root efficiently.

Two Speeds for Less Pain

All epilators are a bit uncomfortable during use because they are pulling the hair in a way similar to waxing. The original Epilady back in the 1980’s had the reputation of being excruciating. The Legend 4 Epilady is a huge improvement with new technology that minimizes pain and pinching. You may notice a slight discomfort, but it’s really not bad and the results are usually considered to be worth it.


Simple to Use

The Epilady EP-810-33A is designed to be very easy to use. The epilator is mid-size so it can work on the legs or face without worrying about changing heads. This makes it a really good introductory epilator for all-purpose use.

Pain Reduction

Perhaps in response to the reputation of the early 80’s model, the new Epilady has made reduced pain a priority with this design. The EP-810-33A might be the least painful model on the market in this price range.

Corded And Cordless Use

The fact that this Epilady can work while plugged in is a big plus. You may notice that some of the comparable models, and even more expensive ones, will only work in cordless mode. This means you have to make sure to charge it or you’ll be stuck resorting to a razor if you have to get ready fast. The Legend 4 prevents this by allowing it to be used while charging.


May Require More Passes

The tradeoff for less painful removal is that some hairs may be missed and you’ll have to do an additional pass or two over the same area. This means that you may have to spend more time during grooming than you’re used to. Luckily, this will be reduced over time as the hair growth is curbed by constantly being pulled out by the root.

Charge Doesn’t Last as Long

It’s nice that you can use this model while it’s plugged in because the battery isn’t as powerful as some of the other brands. This isn’t a major issue if you don’t mind leaving it plugged in often, but if you expect a lot of portability, you may be disappointed with the Legend 4.

Overall Review

This Epilady Legend 4 is a delightful hair removal device that belies the painful reputation of the earlier models. It removes hair for a long time, and you’ll start to notice less growth after a few months of using this product. You may want to plan more time to do extra passes, and make sure it’s fully charged before using it cordlessly. The simplicity of this design makes it easy to use. That combined with the fact that it causes less pain than other models makes this a great starter epilator.