ES-WD51-P Ladies WetDry Epilator
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All Purpose Hair Removal System

The Panasonic Epiglide ES-WD51-P is a perfect system for all-over hair removal. It comes with a full-sized epilator head in addition to a bikini trimmer and a shaver head. It is a fully immersible cordless epilator that charges electrically. It can be used with lather or foam, giving you a ton of options when it comes to using this product.

Gliding Head Minimizes Pain

The ES-WD51-P uses a gliding side to side head with dual disks. The pivoting head is really easy on skin, so it won’t cause irritation. This design also reduces pain as it removes hair from the root efficiently with minimal pulling. The blades are also hypo allergenic which is good for anyone with sensitive skin.


Great Results

This model quickly and efficiently removes the hairs from the root using the epilator head. It doesn’t cut the hair or leave stubble or missed hairs as you may notice with some other brands. The Epiglide really attacks the hair and gets the job done.

So Many Functions

The greatest thing about the Panasonic ES-WD51-P is the wide range of function and options that you get with one purchase. Not only is it a high quality epilator, but also a great razor and bikini trimmer as well. This is truly an all-purpose body hair groomer that can replace several other products in your bathroom.

Ergonomic and Attractive Design

The design of this epilator is a big plus because the ES-WD51-P is actually very cute. It’s also easy to hold, even when wet and the on/off button is easy to push during use. It also comes with a travel case that you will actually want to use – a nice feature that stands out from other epilators.


Can Cause Ingrown Hairs

Because the Panasonic Epiglide is so efficient at removing the hairs from the root, sensitive skin can develop ingrown hairs. You can avoid this by thoroughly exfoliating the skin before you start epilating. Investing in a good body scrub will help. And be sure to moisturize after you epilate. If you do these things, you shouldn’t get ingrown hairs.

Doesn’t Worked While Plugged In

The only major problem with the design of the Epiglide ES-WD51-P is the fact that it doesn’t work while plugged in. This means it must be fully charged in order work. This does require a little diligence from you. You’ll have to be sure to give yourself time to charge it before you use it, and if you ever forget, you may be stuck shaving the old fashioned way in a pinch.

Overall Review

The Panasonic ES-WD51-P Epiglide is worth the investment. With proper skincare, it removes hair efficiently and effectively without causing ingrown hairs. Other than the fact that it has to be fully charged before use, the design is a dream. It’s attractive and easy to hold and the gliding head minimizes pain. The fact that it also comes with an interchangeable bikini trimmer and shaver head makes it a great option for an all-purpose body hair groomer.