Philips HP6576 Satin Perfect B005BOQH70
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Complete Grooming System

The Philips HP6576 Satin Perfect Deluxe has left nothing out of this grooming system. Not only is it a high quality epilator, it also comes with a shaving head and a trimming comb. This means you can get the smooth results of an epilator, the quick hair removal of a razor, and neatly trim any hair you want to keep longer. There is also a hair lifter to bring hair up for the epilator to pull, as well as a massager that you can use to soothe skin after using the epilator head. It even comes with lighted tweezers for anything you may have missed.

Gentle and Efficient

It’s difficult to find an epilator that is both gentle and efficient, pulling all of the hairs with a minimum of pain. The Philips HP6576 manages to strike a pretty good balance between the two goals. There are 32 ceramic disks that grab the hair quickly, pulling it smoothly out. The head pivots to keep the angle correct for minimum discomfort while pulling.


The Shaver is Great

This epilator head and shaver are the two basic heads on this model. And while a lot of epilators include a shaver as a bonus, they aren’t always this good. With this tool, you will never need another razor. This is a nice bonus for streamlining your products.

Massager Head and Hair Lifter

The attachments included with the Satin Perfect Deluxe are excellent. They add more function to your epilator and make it work better. It’s also nice that they easily pop off if you just want to use the basic epilator head on its own.

Battery and Charge

The battery on this epilator is a big plus. It charges quickly, reaching a full charge in an hour. And it holds that charge for up to 40 minutes of continual use. This is as much as you should need and it makes for a reliable and easy to use model.


Can Be a Shock

While this is a relatively gentle model, the pain level of this one compared to an inexpensive epilator that doesn’t pull all of the hair in one pass can be a bit of a shock if you’ve never epilated before. If you’re already used to epilating, you should have no trouble, but if you’re a first-timer, you may want to start with the less efficient and less expensive brands that won’t shock you with the sensation of the hair being pulled.

May Not Grab Smaller Hairs

While the Satin Perfect is a very aggressive epilator when it comes to getting the courser and longer hairs, it may miss finer hairs that are very short. Depending on your goals, this may not be a big deal for you. Sometimes just getting the right angle will help, which can be learned through practice.

Overall Review

The Philips HP6576 Satin Perfect is a good choice for experienced epilators. It’s highly effective and may cause more aggressive hair removal than a less expensive model, which might make it intimidating for a beginner. However, the experienced epilator will enjoy this grooming system, especially all of the extras that come with it. The massager head and hair lifter help get the job done, and the razor is top notch.