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Simplicity And Value

The Essenza Manual C91 Espresso Machine is at the bottom end of the market, but the quality of the coffee is not sacrificed. The design is very compact, which comes in at 11.5 x 6.5 x 9.9 inches. No matter how small or cluttered you kitchen counter is you shouldn’t have a problem picking out a spot for it. The coffee machine uses Nespresso capsules which are easy to insert and take out. Furthermore, the small design means you don’t have to clean much, and what you do clean is easily accessible.

Nespresso A Trustworthy Brand

The quality of the brand behind a product is just as important to consider as the product itself. With that in mind Nespresso is truly a high quality coffee brand that has a simple ethos – to provide industry leading products to their customers. Their coffee machines provide value at prices that are more than affordable, and without sacrificing on the quality of the coffee.

A Green Product

The Essenza Manual C91 has a feature that turns the machine off if you forget to do so yourself. Such an energy saving feature is not only going to cut cost on your energy bill, but will also reduce your carbon footprint. This may also reduce the chances that your machine will break down.

Coffee Shop Quality

Just because this coffee machine is small, and costs less than most you might think that the coffee quality is also smaller. However, if you were to taste coffee produced by this Essenza Manual C91, and that of a coffee shop you won’t be able to tell the difference. It’s therefore the perfect choice for anyone on a budget but want to enjoy high quality coffee.


Small And Simple

This is one of the easier to use coffee machines on the market, and when combined with the fact that you can use the Nespresso Club Services for help, it is pretty much a stress-free product. Also the small size means it is a practical purchase that’s ideal for the small kitchen.

Low Noise

This Essenza Espresso Machine has a very low noise level. In the mornings if you don’t want to wake up the rest of the household while brewing a cup of coffee then this is a sensible choice.


Low speed

Compared to other models this Essenza C91 is slower, and therefore if speed is what you are after you won’t be getting maximum value. To make matters worse you might find that it is awkward to use large coffee cups with this model, which will only slow you down further.

Overall Review

The Essenza Manual C91 is the perfect solution to the environmentally friendly consumer that is looking for simplicity and low cost. Its small classy design makes it an attractive looking product that will fit well in any kitchen. As with all Nespresso products you can expect great customer service.