Essential Oil Diffuser Reviews & Buying Guide 2019

Essential Oil Diffuser Features To Look For

Good water capacity

Depending on what you buy, the amount of water in an essential oil diffuser can range from 80ml to 300ml. The water capacity determines how long the diffuser will mist. 80ml is a very small amount, but if you don’t plan on using it for very long, it still gives out a few hours of misting and a diffuser that small will be inexpensive. How long do you want to go before you need to refill the diffuser? If you want to turn it on and forget about it all day, you’ll need that 300ml.

Convenient misting runtime

Think about what you want your diffuser to accomplish. Do you want to use it like an air freshener right before guests show up or after a cooking mishap? Then a diffuser with 3-4 hours of runtime will be enough. If you want a diffuser to help you relax during the day or through the evening, 6-8 hours will be better. What about if you want an essential oil diffuser you can run all through the day and night, especially when you’re sick and need that long exposure to health-boosting oils? There are essential oil diffusers that can put out 10+ hours of mist, though it might not be continuous.

Mood-boosting LED lights

Most essential oil diffusers feature colorful LED lights, which is to boost the health benefits of many essential oils. Soft, cool colors like blue and purple can help reduce anxiety after a long day at work or school, and when combined with scents like lavender or vanilla, relaxation is especially easy. Many oil-diffuser lights will rotate and gradually blend into each other so you get a wide variety of lights. If you want to stay on one light in particular, or turn off the lights completely, there are usually settings to allow this.

Wide aroma range

To get the most out of your oil diffuser, you want the aroma range to be as wide as possible. Misting will usually be limited to the immediate area, but the scent of essential oil can fill a whole room. The most common range is about 250-square feet, which could describe a bedroom, office, small apartment living room, and bathroom. The more powerful essential oil diffusers (which also typically cost more) can fill 400-square feet rooms, even ones with high ceilings. If you have large, open rooms and want to be able to enjoy the essential oils from every corner, you’ll need a wide aroma range.

Quiet operation

In terms of noise, essential oil diffusers can make splashing, whirring, or other bothersome noises. They aren’t loud enough to interrupt conversation or the TV, but in the quiet of a bedroom, that level of noise can get annoying. Ultrasonic essential oil diffusers, which describes the most popular style of diffuser for most people, are usually extremely quiet. Some diffusers, like the Deneve Riverock, even sound like splashing streams.

Easy maintenance

Since they are made of plastic, nearly all essential oil diffusers will eventually break down. To make the diffuser last as long as possible, it is important to keep it cleaned, especially if you use a lot of oils. Make sure the oil diffuser is easily opened, so every time you clean it, it isn’t a major hassle. Warm water and vinegar is usually okay for most diffusers, and you just swap the inside with a clean cloth. Some require more specific maintenance, and need to be soaked and rinsed.

Safe auto-shut off

You can’t always be there when the essential oil diffuser runs out of water. It might run out during the day or when you’re asleep. The auto shut-off feature, which is on just about every diffuser, will turn the diffuser off on its own when it reaches a certain water level. Some diffusers make an audible beep when this happens, which can wake you up if you’re a light sleeper. Bear this in mind if you want a diffuser in your bedroom at night.

Compact size and weight

Finding a place for your oil diffuser shouldn’t be a problem. They’re all extremely lightweight and weigh 2 pounds at the most, without water. The most compact diffusers are short, while some have unique shapes that resemble flower buds or even animals, so in terms of style, not all oil diffusers are the same.

Best Essential Oil Diffuser Brands


PureSpa (full name PureSpa Direct) is a wholesale distributer, and for over ten years, they have been selling to skin care experts, salon owners, massage parlors, spas, and medical professionals. The PureSpa vision is to provide high-quality, affordable essentials to as many people as possible, and embrace a philosophy that prioritizes both beauty and health. Their products include everything from salon furniture to essential oil diffusers, like the PureSpa Deluxe Ultrasonic.


GreenAir has been around since 2005 and is fully invested in bringing essential oil diffusers to the public. They sell many different styles of diffusers, including ones in black, high-volume diffusers, and diffusers with decorative embellishments, like carved Jasmine flowers. GreenAir diffusers also have versatile functions. There are diffusers geared towards children, USB-capable diffusers, diffusers for cars, and even custom diffusers. They are constructed from materials like hand-blown glass and BPA-free plastic.


InstaNatural is a natural beauty and health company originally from Florida. They avoid artificial ingredients and materials like parabens or sulfates, and instead prefer to look to nature. They are one of the leading online distributors of natural cosmetic products, which include hair gels, oils, moisturizers, and more. In addition to their essential oil diffuser, they sell three essential oils: lemon, lavender, and peppermint.

Calily Labs

Calily Labs’ priority is 100% natural, pure essential oils perfect for aromatherapy and medicine. They are a global company and employ naturalists to help develop their recipes. They sell a variety of essential oil diffusers, including one that can be monitored by remote control.

Features of Professional & Commercial Essential Oil Diffusers

Intermittent/timed misting settings

Many essential oil diffusers offer you options when it comes to misting. While continuous misting fills a room quickly and evenly with fragrance, it does make the water disappear faster. Intermittent or timed misting settings can help save water and allow you to control how long you want the diffuser to mist. Some common settings include interval misting every 20 or 30 seconds, so the oil diffuser mists in bursts. If you don’t want to run the diffuser till it’s empty, you can choose to run a larger-capacity diffuser for 30, 60, or 180 minutes. It will shut down after the timer is up. Some essential oil diffusers, like the MOMA MUJI, will only let you run the diffuser for 180 minutes at a time. However, if you decide you want to run it longer, just hit the timer again and it will start right up if there’s enough water left.

Allows for citrus oils

Citrus essential oils like lemon, grapefruit, and orange are some of the most popular oils out there. They help with energy and are some of the best fragrances. However, many ultrasonic diffusers can use citrus oils for some reason. If you really want to use citrus oils and don’t want to use another style of oil diffuser (like a nebulizer, which uses just straight oil and no water), be sure the diffuser states it can use citrus oils. InstaNatural’s Essential Oil Aromatherapy Diffuser is one of the ultrasonic diffusers that can.

BPA-free plastic construction

Nearly all essential oil diffusers are made of plastic. However, many of them are made of BPA-free plastic. This is very important because when the diffuser breaks down, you don’t want those BPA-chemicals getting mixed up with your essential oils. It is becoming more common for companies to use BPA-free plastic, because of all the recent studies about how plastic affects living environments. The PureSpa Essential Oil Diffuser and Greenair Spa Vapor are just two examples of diffusers made without BPA.

Unique design

If the plain, white plastic look isn’t your thing, there are other more unique designs out there. Faux wood is a popular choice. Made of plastic, these diffusers imitate wood grain, so you get a more rustic look without having to pay more. If you want the real deal, some brands do sell real bamboo essential oil diffusers, though these often lack the more advanced technological features. If you just want a diffuser that doesn’t look like a tiny tower or stump, you can find diffusers in the shapes of rock pebbles, flower buds, or teardrops.

Uses tap water

When essential oil diffusers were becoming popular, they could only use distilled water. Now, with diffusers becoming more accessible to a wider range of budgets, many can use tap water. Some even require you use tap water, and do not work with distilled. Using tap water is a lot cheaper than buying water all the time, and it’s a lot more convenient to be able to just turn on the tap instead of trying to remember if you have bottled water on hand.

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