Ultrasonic Light Perfect For Home
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Compact and quiet oil diffuser with seven light colors that uses tap water

The Calily Ultrasonic oil diffuser is small and quiet, so it fits in any room without taking over decor-wise. The seven color options for the LED lighting makes it stand out a bit more by adding a soothing ambience to your essential-oil experience, and because the diffuser works with tap water, you don’t have to be concerned about buying or running out of expensive bottled water.

Mists for four hours

As a smaller oil diffuser, the Calily holds 100ml of water. This is enough for four hours of misting, which is a good length of time for relaxing in the evening, waking up and getting ready for the day, or getting the house ready for guests.

250-square foot range

The misting range on this oil diffuser is about 250-square feet. This describes most small-medium rooms, like bedrooms, apartment living rooms, and so on. The Calily is especially suited to offices, which tend to be smaller and don’t have as much space for bulky appliances.

Seven lights w/ settings

You get a lot of color options with this oil diffuser. There are seven color choices, and you can adjust the settings so they gradually change from one color to the next or stay at one color. You can also choose to turn off the colors completely, like if you’re using the diffuser in your bedroom at night.


Completely unintrusive

The diffuser is practically invisible and not at all distracting. It emits no heat or noise, so you can just set it up and enjoy the cooling mists and fragrances without dealing with any whirring or unit warmth.

Good with tap water

Many diffusers only operate with distilled water, but this unit is good with tap water. You can keep your maintenance down significantly by using tap water, and save that money for other purchases or for buying more of your favorite essential oils.


Because of its low water capacity, the Calily is very compact and fits in with any decor. It can sit unnoticed on a bookcase, desk, or countertop, and you don’t have to rearrange anything to find a good spot for it.


Doesn’t mist for very long

Four hours isn’t very long if you want to run your diffuser through the night. However, you can get more than four hours out of this diffuser if you adjust the mist settings. There is a higher intensity mist, which will use the water up faster, and a lower intensity, which results in a slightly longer misting time. If it’s during the day, you can always just refill the water tank as soon as it’s empty.

Overall Review

The Calily Ultrasonic essential oil diffuser is a great choice if you want a diffuser that doesn’t take up much space. It has a shorter mist time than many other diffusers, but four hours on one tank of water is still more than enough time to freshen your home or relax you before bedtime. The diffuser also uses tap water, which saves you money, and has several light settings to create the perfect mood. The diffuser operates very quietly, so it’s great for an office where you need to concentrate.