Humidifier Use With Scented Essential
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Sleek, health-promoting essential-oil diffuser lasts 4-5 hours in a 250-square foot room

The Riverock essential oil diffuser fits in beautifully with any style of decor, and gives out 4-5 hours of health-boosting, scented mist. It is best used in rooms about 250-square feet, and is an ideal purchase if you struggle with allergies, breathing problems, colds, or even dry skin. It is also great for reducing cooking and pet smells.

4-5 hours of usage

This is a smaller oil diffuser, so when you fill it up all the way with water, you get about 4-5 hours of runtime before the water runs out. When this happens, the diffuser automatically shuts off. You can use the diffuser as just a humidifier if you only add water, but adding five drops of essential oils like lavender, lemon, and so on unlocks a bounty of health-boosting properties.

250 sq. ft. of coverage

Because of its size, the Deneve Riverock is best for 250-square ft. rooms. This includes bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, offices, and apartments. You can use the diffuser in a large area, but the fragrance and health benefits will be localized within 250-square feet of the diffuser.

LED mood lighting

This diffuser serves as a beautiful addition to the decor of just about any room. It has an fadeless LED light band that creates a relaxing aura. If you don’t want the light on, just turn it off and the diffuser continues to mist.


Promotes good health

Getting the Deneve Riverock makes you healthier. It acts as an exceptional air purifier that reduces smells from pets, cooking, dust, and so on. The essential oils can help with a variety of health problems, from colds, coughs, skin conditions, and more.

Attractive design

This diffuser takes up very little space and was designed to look like a river pebble, thus the “Riverock” name. It can sit unnoticed on a bookcase or stand out in the center of a coffee table, depending on what your decor style and desires.

Very quiet

Essential oil diffusers can be a bit noisy, which takes away from their relaxing qualities. The Riverock is nearly completely silent. If you can hear it, it doesn’t like a machine or electronic device. Instead, it imitates the soothing sound of water.


Bothersome cleaning

Cleaning the Riverock is a weekly process and you have to follow certain rules. You have to empty it once every week and scrub the bottom of the tank with a cotton ball and vinegar before rinsing. For the surface, use hand soap and water. It can be easy to neglect these cleaning rituals, and the result is that your diffuser won’t last as long. Keeping the diffuser working at its most effective can be an annoyance, but the benefits of keeping your diffuser in good shape far outweigh the inconvenience.

Overall Review

The Deneve Riverock essential oil diffuser is both stylish and useful. By adding essential oils – which smell great, come in every kind of fragrance imaginable, and promote good health – you can free your home from bad smells and potentially-dangerous air allergens. When the diffuser is full, it can last 4-5 hours in an office, bedroom, bathroom, or other room roughly around 250-square feet. The LED mood lighting adds to the sleek, rounded-pebble design, and the nearly-silent operation ensures you will never be bothered by noise when the diffuser is on.