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Small essential oil diffuser with three modes that’s perfect for nighttime use

The InnoGear 100ml is a small, charming essential oil diffuser that features three misting modes and seven LED lights, each with their brightness adjustments. This oil diffuser would be perfect as an exalted nightlight, which not only offers a calming glow, but stress-melting fragrances from the essential oil and mist.


The InnoGear holds 100ml of water, which is on the small side. This means the oil diffuser is especially compact, so it’s great for crowded bedrooms, offices, and other small rooms. There is little risk for knocking it over if you place it in the center of a nightstand, and pets will probably not even notice it’s there.

3-6 hour misting time

Depending on the mist setting you choose, the oil diffuser can mist for as long as 6 hours. This is quite impressive, and means you could run the diffuser practically all night. If you wanted it to mist continuously and use up the water and oil faster, three hours is still a good length of time to encourage relaxation before bed.

Three modes

The InnoGear has three misting modes: continuous misting, a 30-second interval mist, and one that shuts off the mist and only uses the light. This allows you to control how long you want the diffuser to run, or if you even want to use the diffuser at all.


Good as a nightlight

The InnoGear would be perfect as a nightlight. It has seven rotating lights, that you can each adjust to either bright or dim, or if you want just one color. This is great for kids who have trouble sleeping in the dark – you can use the bright mode during storytime, and then choose the dim setting for when it’s time for sleep.

Auto shut-off

When the water is low or all used up, the oil diffuser automatically shuts off. You aren’t always around to check on the diffuser when it reaches that low-water state, so having it automatically turn itself off is safe and convenient.

Very quiet

Another reason why the InnoGear oil diffuser is perfect for night is because of how quiet it is. It is equipped with Whisper-Quiet ultrasonic technology, so when you’re using it in your bedroom, you won’t be bothered by loud splashing or mechanical whirring sounds.


Not a long runtime

If you’re using the continuous misting setting, the three-hour misting time is pretty short. Even the six-hour runtime won’t quite make it through the night if you start it before you go to bed. However, that range is still good for preparing for bed and can sufficiently clean the air from allergens and pollutants.

Overall Review

The InnoGear Aromatherapy essential oil diffuser is on the small side, and mists for a maximum of six hours. You have to use the interval setting for that length of time, while the continuous mist setting will use up the water in three hours. The changing lights with their adjustable brightnesses and quiet operation make this diffuser especially beneficial as a nightlight. When you add relaxing oils like lavender, peppermint, or vanilla (not included), it will be easy for you or your child to drift off to sleep.