Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser Diffuser Large
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Simple sleek designed aroma diffuser with 300ml-capacity & four misting times

The MOMA MUJI is a simple, but expensive aroma diffuser. It has a large capacity with 300ml, and four misting time options, so you can mist for as little as 30 minutes. While it doesn’t mist for very long, even at the longest time setting, it can fill much bigger rooms than many other diffusers, so if you have a big house and want to be able to fill it with cool, fragrant mist quickly, this is a good diffuser to look at.


WIth 300ml of water, this MUJI is bigger than its previous model. This is convenient because you don’t have to refill it constantly, and you can keep resetting the timers so it essentially runs all day.

Has four misting time options

The MUJI doesn’t have an all-day setting. You choose either 30, 60, 120, or 180 minutes. When the time runs out, you can just reset it again if you want to continue misting. The shorter misting times are convenient for when you just want to reduce odors after cooking or do some targeted misting when you’re sick and you have a specific essential oil you like to use.

Two light settings

In addition to picking your ideal misting time, you can control the light on the diffuser. There are two light settings, so you can either use bright setting for reading, or a softer glow if you want to encourage sleep and calm.


Simple, clean design

The MOMA MUJI is one of the simplest oil diffusers you could get. There are no fancy colored lights, and the design is clean and white. If you just want the diffuser to serve as a vehicle for humidity and essential oils, and aren’t interested in making any kind of fashion statement, this diffuser is certainly plain enough.


The ultrasonic technology on this diffuser is nearly silent. There are no noises associated with operating the MUJI, so you can use it anywhere without being bothered.

Great for big spaces

Despite its small size, the MOMA MUJI Diffuser can easily fill large rooms. Whether you want to fill the floor of a salon or a large entryway, the little diffuser will do its job very effectively and quickly.


Can only use distilled water and pure essential oils

You have to buy only the best for this diffuser. It breaks down quickly if you don’t use distilled water and high-quality, which adds to the cost of the diffuser.


The MUJI costs a lot more than other diffusers. It also doesn’t constantly mist for as long as other diffusers (you have to restart the timer after 180 minutes) and doesn’t have the features that would make it worthwhile, for a lot of people.

Overall Review

The MOMA MUJI Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser has a very clean, simple design with just two light settings – bright and soft – and four timer options. While the diffuser can hold 300ml of water, it will only mist for 180-minutes at most unless you restart the timer. This means you can’t run it through the night. On the other hand, it does mist very large rooms considering its size. This is also one of the more expensive diffusers and requires you use distilled water and the best essential oils, so that adds to the cost.