Grain Oil Diffuser
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Faux, BPA-free wood grain oil diffuser with 8-hour misting time and wide aroma range

The Now Foods Ultrasonic oil diffuser is designed with faux wood plastic that’s BPA-free, so even though it isn’t real wood, it doesn’t possess the health concerns that other plastics do. The misting time runs 8 hours, which is an ideal length of time for nighttime use, and it covers a wider range than most oil diffusers. There are a few issues with filling the diffuser, but other than that, it’s a good option if you’ve been looking for a more unique diffuser for your essential oils.

8-hour misting time

This oil diffuser is able to release mist for up to 8 hours, which is longer than many comparable diffusers. With 8 hours, you can have the oil diffuser on during most of the day or night. When you combine the water with essential oils, you create a 100% natural air freshener that reduces odors and kills allergens and bacteria.

BPA-free construction

The diffuser looks like wood, but it is actually plastic. The plastic is BPA-free, however, so if you’re worried about the plastic breaking down and being released into the air through the mist, put those cares aside.

Rotating LED lights

You get a variety of colors with the Now Foods oil diffuser, and when you turn on the diffuser, they rotate. If you don’t want the lights on, you just turn them off and the diffuser continues to release mist.


Covers a large area

The Now Foods is able to fill a very large area with scented mist, 400-square ft, to be exact. This makes it perfect for large living rooms or entryways with high ceilings.

Quiet diffusing

The ultrasonic electrical provides very fine, effective mist, but it’s also responsible for making the oil diffuser very quiet. Whether you’re sitting in your living room reading during the evening or falling asleep, the Now Foods only provides refreshing mist and no sound.

Easy to clean

Many diffusers require somewhat complicated maintenance, but the Now Foods is relatively easy. Using a little vinegar and warm water, wipe the inside of the tank clean and then rinse. Keeping your diffuser clean ensures proper operation and delays breakdown.


No maximum water line

Oddly, the Now Foods does not have a maximum water line on it, so it is easy to accidentally overfill. Until you get the hang of it, lean towards underfilling it.

Adding water is a bit of a hassle

Another downside to the oil diffuser is when you do add water, you have to take the wood cover off and then unscrew another part before you can add water. On the plus side, you only have to do this every eight hours, so it’s not like you’ll be constantly taking the oil diffuser apart. .

Overall Review

The Now Foods Ultrasonic wood grain oil diffuser has a unique, pretty faux-wood design that’s BPA-free. It mists for eight hours and covers about twice as many square feet as other diffusers, so rooms with 400-square feet will be filled with the scented mist. While adding water can be a bit tricky because of the diffuser’s design and construction, cleaning it out is very easy, so maintenance in general is not difficult.