Aromatherapy Diffuser With Diffuser Ultrasonic
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7-hour oil diffuser with 250-ft misting range and LED lighting

The PureSpa essential oil diffuser is capable of cleaning the air and providing a relaxing, soothing atmosphere with its mist. You can use the diffuser for up to seven hours on one full tank, and it is best for rooms about 250-square feet. To enhance your experience, it also features LED mood lighting, which when combined with the scents of essential oils, reduces stress and anxiety.

7 hours

The PureSpa has a big enough water capacity to provide up to seven hours of mist. This is a great length of time for days when you’re sick or if you’re a pet-owner who wants to refresh the house. Seven hours is also a good length of time to run the diffuser at night.

Ultrasonic technology

The diffuser runs on ultrasonic technology, which means it doesn’t make much noise. Some diffusers make whirring or splashing noises, but the ultrasonic tech helps keep everything quiet so if you’re sitting in bed at night, you won’t be disturbed by the diffuser.

LED lighting

The LED lighting on this diffuser rotates, so you get a variety of soothing colors as the diffuser mists. When combined with relaxing essential oils like lavender, the lights quickly melt away anxiety, making this diffuser the perfect companion for winding down in the evening.


Good for most rooms

The PureSpa Ultrasonic Aromatherapy is capable of misting a 250-square foot room, which could include living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, and even office cubicles. When you’re using essential oils, the fragrance will never be overwhelming (provided you use the appropriate amount of drops), and the whole room will feel pleasant.


The PureSpa is made of plastic, but that plastic is BPA-free. This is important because all plastic diffusers eventually break down, but the PureSpa diffuser won’t have BPA particles released into the air through the mist.

Great for reducing bad smells

The oil diffuser is a great option for naturally reducing unpleasant smells you might find in older homes, homes with pets, and businesses like salons. Instead of spraying synthetic air fresheners, use pure essential oils and cooling mists to neutralize odor.


Loud auto shut-off

The PureSpa has an automatic shut off when the water level is low, but it does so with a loud beep. If you’re running the diffuser at night and it shuts off, this noise might wake you up. To avoid this, either don’t use the diffuser in your bedroom at night, or be sure that the water tank is completely full.

Overall Review

The PureSpa essential oil diffuser works just about anywhere. It distributes mist in a 250-square ft. range and can run for up to seven hours. The rotating LED lights add to the relaxing power of the diffuser, which make it very beneficial for people who have evening or nighttime anxiety. It does have a loud auto shut-off which could disturb your sleep, so bear that in mind if you want to sleep with the diffuser in your room. The PureSpa’s features round out with a BPA-free construction, so even when the diffuser eventually starts to break down, you won’t have to worry about possible health consequences.