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Long-misting essential oil diffuser with mist timer and seven LED colors

If you need an oil diffuser that you don’t have to refill all the time, you’ll be happy with the 10-hour capacity of the URPOWER oil diffuser & air humidifier. The secret to such a long mist is the timer, which provides four timed mist options. The seven LED color options add to the rejuvenating experience, so you can enjoy a soft glow along with your favorite essential oils.

Ultrasonic technology

This diffuser works using ultrasonic diffusing technology. Vibrations with a frequency of 2.4 million/second break down the essential oils and water in the tank into mist, which purifies the air and your body. The diffuser is great for living areas during flu and allergy season, and on dry days.

300-ml water capacity

The URPOWER diffuser can hold a maximum of 300ml of water, though you can choose to fill it up to 100 or 200ml. Depending on what mist intensity you’re using, the high capacity results in misting for up to 10 hours, which is ideal for running the diffuser all night or day.

Misting timer

The misting timer on this oil diffuser is one of its more unique features. You can choose to mist for one hour, three hours, six hours, or continuously. The URPOWER is very versatile this way, and lets you save on power usage, oils, and water when you choose.


Lot of health benefits

Using an oil diffuser like the URPOWER offers many health benefits. It purifies the air, resulting in better breathing, a strong immune system, and good skin. When you use essential oils, you can even fight germs that cause illnesses like colds and the flu.

Has 7 LED colors

Studies have shown that soft lights in combination with essential oils can enhance their benefits. The URPOWER has seven color options – all soft – so you can create your ideal environment for relaxing or waking up in the morning.

Auto shut off when empty

You want to take care of your diffuser so it lasts as long as possible. One maintenance feature does the work for you – when the water reaches a certain level, the diffuser shuts itself off. This helps protect the diffuser and saves energy.


Cleaning be a process

Cleaning this diffuser can be a bit of a pain. You have to clean it once a week, especially if you use oils, and you need to use 20ml of water with detergent that’s been sitting out for twenty minutes. Plan to clean the diffuser around the time you do other chores, so you can get the cleaning mixture ready and complete other tasks while it sits.

Overall Review

The URPOWER essential oil diffuser has a somewhat specific cleaning requirement, but it does offer a very long misting time and four misting timer options, which is unique. On one full tank, the diffuser can mist for ten hours, and when combined with one of the seven LED colors, you can enjoy incredible health benefits like clear, moisturized skin and clean air.