Electric Diffuser
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Unique, quiet faux wood oil diffuser with humidifier and low energy usage

If you want an alternative to the overtly modern-looking oil diffusers, consider the VicTsing electric aromatherapy oil diffuser. It offers a plastic construction designed to look like wood, so it fits in with more rustic decor. It also has a long misting time and serves as an excellent humidifier if you don’t want to always use essential oils. The auto shut-off and low-power operation help reserve as much energy as possible.

140-ml capacity

The VicTsing holds 140ml of water, which results in about eight hours of misting time. You could use it for most if not all of your sleeping hours, and during the day when you’re at work, so you can come back to a fresh, pleasant-smelling house free of air pollutants.

Simple wood-inspired construction

Instead of the more typical all-white plastic, this diffuser is designed to resemble a light-grain wood. If your decor is more on the rustic side and a modern-looking diffuser would stick out, the VicTsing is a great alternative.

Humidifier and oil diffuser

You can use the diffuser as either an oil diffuser or a humidifier. Most diffusers will imitate humidifiers when you don’t have oil in them, but this diffuser in particular is especially effective at both tasks. It has an air purification function you can use (without oil) that releases negative oxygen ions. This gets rid of pollutants in the air, promoting a healthy living environment.


Subtle LED lights

A lot of diffusers use LED lights, but the VicTsing is a bit more subtle about it. Because most of the diffuser is made of the faux wood, only the tip of the diffuser actually lits up. This bit of color amplifies the spa-like experience of the diffuser, but without the distraction of a large light.

Convenient auto shut-off

You don’t want to be responsible for turning off the VicTsing essential oil diffuser when it runs out of water. You may not even be around when it happens. Luckily, the diffuser is equipped with an auto shut-off, so when the water level gets too low, it just turns itself off.

Doesn’t use much power

If you aren’t crazy about getting another appliance that needs to be plugged in, rest assured that the VicTsing uses very little power. It was designed to consume as little energy as possible.


Has a very bright indicator light

The indicator light on the VicTsing is pretty bright, so it might not be ideal for nighttime, especially since it’s healthy to sleep in complete darkness. The solution is to not sleep with it in the bedroom, or just cover up the light with a little piece of Duct tape.

Overall Review

Serving two functions in one – a humidifier and oil diffuser – the VicTsing can run for eight hours without sucking up a ton of power. It has a unique, faux light-grain wood design that is perfect for those looking for a more natural-looking diffuser, and uses soft, subtle LED lights. Besides the bright indicator light (which is easily covered up by tape), the VicTsing is perfect for encouraging nighttime relaxation and clean air.