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Moderately-Priced, Easy-to-Use Straightener

The Babyliss Pro BABP9557 is a great, versatile model for a medium budget, though it’s best suited for users with fine to normal hair, not coarse hair. It includes an 8-inch swivel cord, 4-inch ceramic plates with ionic technology, and a user-friendly design. It also includes instant heat recovery and quick-heating plates.

Porcelain ceramic plates

The porcelain ceramic plates on this unit heat uniformly, so you don’t experience hot spots that could damage parts of your hair. Ceramic plates also release ions to help your hair recover from the straightening process. However, ceramic plates are best used by people with naturally straighter and fine hair, and many users who have coarse, thick hair will want to invest in a model that has titanium plates instead.

4-inch plates

The plates on the Babyliss Pro BABP9557 are four inches long; this is a good length for all users and will not be overly cumbersome or burn your skin.


Swivel cord

This unit has an 8 foot swivel cord, which makes it easy to use without getting tangled up in wires. It also makes it easier to use this model as a curling iron to create waves and light curls; the fact that becomes a dual-purpose product is definitely a great bonus.

Heats up quickly

The Babyliss Pro BABP9557 claims to heat up in one minute, but it actually begins to warm up as soon as it is turned on, making for a quick, no-wait hair straightening experience.

Easy to use

The Babyliss Pro BABP9557 has a power button, a temperature set button, and an indicator light that lets you know it’s on; other than that, there are no additional settings or buttons that need to be pressed.

Instant heat recovery

The Babyliss Pro BABP9557 has instant heat recovering technology; this means that, unlike some flat irons which can lost heat as they are used, you will have even heating throughout your straightening session and all of your hair will receive the same level of heating. There is no need to go back and re-straighten certain sections, which causes undue stress on your hair.


Not ideal for coarse hair

Users with very curly, coarse hair will find that it takes a long time, requiring you to go over the same sections over and over, to straighten their hair. Users with this sort of hair would be much better off investing in a similar model that features titanium plates, or at least titanium coated plates.

Overall Review

While users who have hard-to-straighten hair will generally be disappointed in the performance of the Babyliss Pro BABP9557, most users will be pleased with its efficiency and ease of use. The two-in-one feature afforded by the generous swivel cord makes it a great option that can save you money on buying a curler, and the ceramic plates offer a solid, safe flat ironing experience without undue damage to hair follicles.