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High-Priced, Quick Straightener

The Bio Ionic OnePass straightening iron is one of the more pricier models available today, but provides a very speedy flat ironing experience. It has ceramic and silicon plates and heats up to 400 degrees. The ceramic plates release ions for better hair health.

Ceramic and silicon plates

The Bio Ionic OnePass uses ceramic heaters and ceramic/silicon blended plates; this produces a great deal of ionic power, which is key to keeping your hair healthy and luminous despite routine flat ironing, which can quickly leave your hair dull and damaged. Negative ions released by the ceramic in this unit help your hair recover as you straighten.

Works better on waves than curls

The Bio Ionic OnePass is truly a “one-pass” iron for wavy hair, even thick wavy hair; however, it does perform nearly as well on curls, and even fine, relaxed curls will require repeated attention in one spot in order to get rid of the curls. Tighter, coarser curls may require more than two. This can be remedied somewhat by using one of the Bio Ionic OnePass’ higher temperatures, but those who do not want to cause unneeded stress on their hair will want to stay within the recommended temperatures for their hair, and will find themselves needing to straighten the same area twice or more.

Heats up to 400 degrees

With heating power up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, the Bio Ionic OnePass has a good heating range for a flat iron, though users with extremely difficult-to-straighten hair may need to opt for a straightener that has an upper range of 430 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit.


Easy to use

With a 10 foot swivel cord and an easy-to-understand instructions, and few confusing buttons on the actual product, the Bio Ionic OnePass is very easy and comfortable to use, whether you are just beginning to use a straightener or have been straightening your hair for years.

Heats up quickly

The Bio Ionic OnePass heats up within seconds, not minutes, making it one of the more efficient straighteners out there today. It also straightens hair in half the time of similar models, for speedy, high-quality ironing.

Leaves hair very soft

The Bio Ionic OnePass is on the top choices for soft, silky hair after straightening. It does not damage hair and leave it dry or broken; instead, your hair will feel healthy and soft to the touch after use. It also leaves your hair shiny, not fried – this is due in part to the silicon strips in between the ceramic on the plates.


Silicon plates require cleaning

Silicon tends to attract more residue and dirt from your hair than non-silicon plates, so you will want to make sure to clean this model after every use to keep it clean and sanitary.

Overall Review

The Bio Ionic OnePass will require regular cleaning and will not live up to its name for all hair types, but it remains one of the top hair straighteners. It will leave your hair feeling amazing to the touch and provides an extremely quick ironing experience; its user friendly design will make even novice straighteners feel at ease and comfortable.