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Simple Iron for Normal Hair

The CHI Ceramic Hairstyling straightener is a no-frills, ceramic-plated iron that is great for styling your hair with waves, crimps, flips, curls, or regular straightening. It has a fixed temperature of 370 degrees Fahrenheit, so it’s good for most hair types. It also features far-infrared heating, flash heating, 1-inch plates, and a 10 foot swivel cord.

1-inch plates

This model features 1-inch plates, which is a versatile width that will satisfy most users; if you have extremely long hair, you might want to seek out a straightener with wider plates.

Ceramic coating

The CHI Ceramic Hairstyling straightener has ceramic coated plates, not full ceramic plates. The ceramic coating will still emit negative ions, which play a vital part in keeping your hair healthy during straightening, but is prone to cracking or chipping over time; this can lead to uneven heating, because then the metal underneath emits more heat than the ceramic. However, the ceramic coating also helps you straighten hair in less time than pure metal irons; it takes almost half the time to straighten hair using ceramic plates, even ceramic-coated plates, than with pure aluminum or steel straighteners.

Flash quick heating technology

The CHI Ceramic Hairstyling straightener heats up in less than a minute due to its flash quick heating technology. It also is easy to tell when it’s ready to use, with a light that blinks when it’s ready to go, so you don’t have to possibly burn your hand seeing if it’s heated enough to start using.


Far infrared heating

The CHI Ceramic Hairstyling iron uses FIR (Far Infrared) rays; these electro-magnetic waves penetrate the hair shaft and dries the inside of the follicle, rather than the outside. This leaves you with more luminous, healthy hair than non-infrared irons, which dry the hair from the outside in and leave it looking dry and listless.

10 foot swivel cord

This model boasts a lengthy, 10-foot swivel cord that makes straightening easy to maneuver. The swivel cord also allows you to do flips and curls, and makes straightening near the roots easy – it also lessens snagging and tearing due to immobility.


Since straightening your hair shouldn’t need to be part of your workout routine, the lightweight design of the CHI Ceramic Hairstyling iron is a big plus.


Fixed temperature

The CHI Ceramic Hairstyling iron only heats at 370 degrees. This gives you much less diversity than salon-style irons, which give you the option to set whatever temperature you need for your particular hair type. 370 degrees is hot enough for most hair, and not so hot that it will damage thin hair; however, users with very coarse, kinky, hard-to-straighten hair should seek elsewhere, as should users with very thin, fine hair. Anyone who uses this model should also invest in heat protection products for their hair.

Overall Review

The CHI Ceramic Hairstyling iron is a good investment for anyone with basic straightening needs, but who also wants the option to style their hair. While the fixed temperature of this unit is certainly a con, the 370 degree temperature will be fine for most users, especially when used in conjunction with hair recovery and heat protectant creams and products. The swivel cord, thin plates, and overall design make it one of the better irons for creating waves, crimping, flipping, and curling hair.