2 Hair Straightener
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Budget, High-Functioning Straightener

The Conair Ceramic Instant Heat is a low-priced but high-functioning flat iron that delivers real results. It has dual voltage capacity, ceramic coated plates, 25 heat settings, and a turbo heat option to deliver a burst of heat when needed. It also featured 2-inch, floating plates.

Extra-wide plates

The Conair Ceramic Instant Heat has 2-inch plates, which is unnecessarily wide for all but the longest manes; the wider plates can also actually inhibit your ability to straighten close to your roots, leaving you with uneven straightening. However, if you have extremely long hair, the width of these plates is ideal, because the heat will distribute more evenly along the entire length, without you having to monitor your speed very closely.

Ceramic coated

Note that this unit is ceramic-coated, NOT solid ceramic plates. It will not deliver the rapid heating power or negative ion releasing effects of a fully ceramic plated flat iron, though it will deliver some of these benefits. Ceramic coatings can chip and peel over time; while a ceramic-coated flat iron is certainly better than a straightener that contains no or very little ceramic, it is something to keep in mind when considering this model.

25 heat settings

The Conair Ceramic Instant Heat offers 25 heat settings, with 400 degrees Fahrenheit being the hottest. You don’t pick an actual temperature; rather, there are 25 settings numbered 1-25 that represent the different temperatures. This may be confusing or uncomfortable for some users who want to always know exactly what temperature they are setting. The product recommends settings 1 through 8 for thin, straight hair; 9 through 14 for average, thick, or treated hair; 15 through 20 for wavy or thick hair, and 21 through 25 for hair that resists straightening.


Dual voltage

The Conair Ceramic Instant Heat can be used in the US or abroad, making it ideal for travel.

Turbo Heat

The Conair Ceramic Instant Heat has a “Turbo Heat” button that, when pressed, adds 36 degrees Fahrenheit to the unit, bringing maximum temperature up to 436 degrees Fahrenheit, for a 30-second burst. This is a fantastic feature that allows you to address particularly hard-to-straighten areas without needing to fluctuate the temperature of the whole unit, waiting for it to heat up and then cool down again.

Uniform heat recovery system

Uniform heat recovery system restores the plate temperature to the optimum level for consistent results every time.

Floating plates

The ceramic plates on this model are designed to “float” in the flat iron, you will experience less gaps between the iron in your hair for an easier, quicker straightening session.


Pulls and snags hair

The Conair Ceramic Instant Heat flat iron is somewhat notorious for not providing a smooth, comfortable process; it may pull or snag on your hair during use. This is probably the trade-off of the “floating” plates, which do help straighten your hair evenly.

Longer heat-up time

The product is advertised as being able to heat up in 30-seconds, but it may take up to a few minutes for it to reach your desired temperature.

Overall Review

The Conair Ceramic Instant Heat straightener provides an above-average experience for a budget flat iron. While the ceramic coating may degrade over time, and it does have a history of snagging and pulling, it provides an overall quality experience and versatile heat settings. The floating plates and uniform heat recovery system help make this unit an efficient flat iron that delivers good results.