Heat Essence Professional
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Affordable, even-heating hair straightener with titanium plates, a ceramic heater, and frizz-eliminating tech

The FHI Heat Essence hair straightener offers you the look from a professional salon minus the high price. Its evenly-heating ceramic heater and titanium plates combine to create perfectly smooth hair that is free from frizz. The Heat Essence works especially well on coarse, curly hair, which is rare for such an affordable straightener.

Adjustable temperature range

You can adjust the straightener’s heat from a relatively cool 140 degrees to a blazing 450 F. Higher heat means faster, more effective straightening especially on curly hair, but you should always be careful to not burn yourself or use the straightener frequently on the highest setting, or you’ll damage your hair.

Golden, smoothing titanium plates

The part of the straightener that actually touches your hair – the golden titanium plates – are resistant to scratches and non-porous so they clasp and easily smooth your hair even if it’s very textured and curly.

Ceramic heater

Ceramics heaters are recognized for their fast, even heating so you don’t have to go over and over certain areas of your hair because of cold spots. The ceramic also heats up very quickly, reducing the time you have to wait for the straightener to get hot enough to use. This ideal for busy mornings or quick touch-ups.


Comfortable, convenient design

The straightener is designed with a long swivel cord and self-gripping closure for your convenience. It also has a hook where you can the straightener, so you don’t have to shove it into a drawer.

Reduces frizz and static

One of the cool features on this straightener is that it produces negative ions that reduce the amount of frizz in your hair. By getting rid of static electricity and the effects of humidity, you can straighten your hair without worrying about those little frizzy ends that high heat tends to create.

Dual voltage

You can use your FHI even when you’re traveling out of the country. The dual voltage works with both 110-120V and 220-240V. You just need a travel adapter and you’re good to go.


Cheaper, which means more damage to hair

One of the FHI Heat Essence’s positives is also a negative. Because the straightener is so affordable, it might cause damage to your hair faster than a more expensive straightener would. A big reason for such high price tags on really good straighteners is because they are gentler on your hair. By choosing a cheaper one, you risk hurting your hair. To reduce that risk, be sure to not use it too frequently (especially on the hottest setting) and use products meant to protect your hair before straightening.

Overall Review

If you have really curly or coarse hair, the FHI Heat Essence 1-Inch Golden Titanium professional hair straightener is a great and affordable choice for you. It has a wide range of temperatures and a ceramic heater that evenly distributes heat so you don’t have to deal with cold spots. Frizz and static electricity are greatly reduced thanks to the smooth plates and negative ions produced by the straightener, so your hair looks professionally-done for a very low cost.