Hai Classic Convertible Review
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High-Quality Flat Iron for All Users

The HAI Classic Convertible is a high-quality flat iron that will suit almost any user’s needs. It is good not only for straightening hair, but also for curling hair. It uses negative ions and far infrared heating to keep hair healthy, and can be used at temperatures as low as 170F and as high as 400F, making it one of the most versatile irons on the market. It also has PTFC heaters, 1.25-inch wide plates, and ceramic fusion technology.

PTFC heaters

The HAI Classic Convertible boasts PTFC heaters, which allow this straightener to heat up within ten seconds and prevents heat loss throughout use. Some straighteners do not have heat recovery technology, which is imperative to even, healthy straightening; since the PTFC heaters in this unit automatically replace lost heat during use, you’ll have equally straight hair on all sections and won’t need to re-straighten certain areas.

Ceramic fusion technology

The ceramic plates on the HAI Classic Convertible not only provide you with negative ions which help seal the hair cuticle to prevent damage, they are also infused with tourmaline, the best material available in flat irons today. Tourmaline is the preferred material for straightening because it provides the most even heating, and also emits a high amount of far infrared heat, the healthiest way to straighten.

Sensitive cord

The power cord on the Hai Classic Convertible is very sensitive, so it is not recommended that you wrap the cord around the straightener when you store it. This can lead to irregular power supply, so that the unit will shut off in the middle of your straightening process. If you use care when storing the iron and do not wrap the cord, you should not experience these problems.


Temperature controls 170F to 400F

The lower range temperatures of the Hai Classic Convertible are great for anyone with especially thin or fine hair, which is easily damaged in the ironing process at higher temperatures. The higher range temperatures are great for even coarse, wavy, and curly hair.

1.25-inch plates, 3.5-inch length

The plates on this middle are 1.25 inches wide and 3.5 inches long. The width is great for anyone with longer hair, while the length makes it one of the more maneuverable flat irons available today. You will be able to straighten your hair from almost any angle without worrying about burning your skin, and the plate width gives you room to straighten hair even at the root.

Beveled edge

The beveled edge on the HAI Classic Convertible eliminates the need for curling irons, as you can easily curl and create waves in your hair with this flat iron.


Snags on hair

The HAI Classic Convertible has been known to snag and pull at hair for some users.

Not great in humidity

Users have reported that the HAI Classic Convertible does not perform well in very humid weather; while this won’t be an issue for anyone who lives in an area with low humidity or very few humid days, people living in very humid areas may want to consider looking elsewhere.

Overall Review

The inclusion of nano-tourmaline in this flat iron makes it one of the best investments in hair straightening. While users who experience a lot of humidity may want to choose a different straightener, the versatile temperature controls and high-quality materials of this model make it a standout choice for any user.